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BRIGHT CRIMSON/BLACK/VOLT/VOLTAGE GREEN Nike has been celebrating 20 years of Nike Zoom with a boom. Zoom technology provides runners with a snappy, quick-off-the-ground feeling while

Brian Kelley, the blogger behind PavementRunner.com took the latest shoe from ASICS for a spin. Read his thoughts below.   The latest shoe from the ASICS

Inspired by the original Air Max 95 colorway, "Grape" is back and ripe for the picking. With a more sleek and feminine style, the

Running day in and day out on the same route can be very monotonous, so athletes have been developing new ways to put the

Considering getting off the couch and logging some miles around the neighborhood? The first step is always the hardest part. If you are struggling with

In regards to innovation in the running game, it's hard to argue against the statement that nobody is doing it quite like adidas right

Depending on where you live, there are usually various options of running surfaces from which you can choose. Whether it be the cement on

So you've got 5 miles of running room ahead of you and a teleportation machine fully equipped with futuristic technology that doesn't exist just

Whether you're going for a run on the trails, working on total fitness or about to tackle a weight training circuit, there's always room