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It would be a bit hypocritical for us to expect you to buy our kicks if our sneakerologists weren’t deep in the culture. Finish Line employees, from managers for store associates, all over break out heat every day, and the suits at corporate aren’t too bad themselves.

Each week we will have a round-up of what’s on our feet. Don’t hesitate to reach out to anyone on the list to find out how you can grab the kicks you see. Make sure to tag @FinishLine and use the hashtag #FNLfam with your social media sneaker stunting for a chance to be featured.

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The Trail Running Workout Fri, 23 Jan 2015 20:48:09 +0000 There are so many reasons to trail run … from soul searching to reducing impact placed on the knees … I may just be inspired by all of the craze I’ve seen pop up around trail running, or maybe I am just amped for spring. Either way, that’s what this workout is all about. So get motivated to hit the dirt and find a new path to travel. Or, if you feel like just hiking, use the moves to get a little extra out of your adventure!

To download a pint out version of this workout click here!

1. Run Uphill

Up Hill Trail Run with @FitWithMeShelby

It’s pretty easy to go up if you’re starting at the bottom of a hill, so this is a no-brainer! However, the key is to run at different intensities from walking to sprinting. Go for switching up the pace every 30 seconds.

2. Run Downhill

Down Hill Trail Run with @FitWithMeShelby

After running up hill it might not sound too appealing to run back down, but believe it or not it is extremely good for the body. Opening your stride limits painful knee impact that short hard steps give you when going downhill. It is also a proprioceptive rich movement, meaning it teaches the brain to work better with the body, which in turn leads to better coordination! Who doesn’t want to be less clumsy?!

3. Tricep Dips

Tricep Rock Dips with @FitWithMeShelby

A  Angle your body back on a rock or ledge so that it is completely straight head to toe. B Lower and lift your butt, engaging your Triceps (outer arm muscles) to guide you.

Quantity: 3 sets of 12 throughout your run

4. Incline Push Ups

Incline Push Ups with @FitWithMeShelby

A Find a sturdy rock to lean against, arms straight with hands only about 6-inches apart. B Bend your elbows back, and bring your chest to the rock for one push up.

Quantity: 3 sets of 12 throughout your run

5. Downward Dog

Downward Facing Dog with @FitWithMeShelby

Once you’re to the top of the trail, it’s time to cool off with some yoga. Start in Downward Dog with feet 6-inches apart, arms over ears, and spine completely straight.

6. Upward Dog

Upward Facing Dog with @FitWithMeShelby

This one made me feel like the little mermaid of the mountains! Lay on your stomach with your hands by your hips, then straighten your arms, lifting your chest from the ground.

7. Warrior 2

Warrior Pose with @FitWithMeShelby

Open your stance and lunge forward on one leg while leaving the back one straight. Your front foot should be pointed forward and your back twisted 90 degrees. Straighten your arms out so they’re parallel to the ground.

8. Tree

Tree Pose with @FitWithMeShelby

Stand tall on one leg, the other bent with your foot resting either above or below your knee. Bring your hands together at the center of your chest and embrace your beautiful surroundings.

Asics Trail Running Sneakers with @FitWithMeShelby

It is super important when trail running to get laced up with proper shoes. Make sure you pick something with plenty of heel and arch support, shock absorption, and traction. These ASICS worked very well for me! Do me a favor and bring me along your own trail run or hiking trips with #FNLfit!

For my full outfit, follow these links:

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Jordan Melo M11 Launch, Nike Stingray Pack, LeBron 12 Trillion Dollar Man – Heat Check Thu, 22 Jan 2015 22:38:48 +0000 The new year has officially started. Jordan Brand is set to introduce the new signature sneaker for Carmelo Anthony, Nike Sportswear reveals the “Stingray” pack, and the LeBron 12 releases in its final launch colorway, Trillion Dollar Man. See all this and more on the Heat Check with Jacques Slade.

Click the links below to head to

Previous Heat Checks:

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Nike Free Flyknit Chukka “Mineral Teal” Thu, 22 Jan 2015 17:38:36 +0000 Click to view slideshow.

Two of Nike’s staple technologies of the past few years come together on the Free Flyknit Chukka. This version of the chukka-cut model takes its colors from all over to give off a snazzy look.

The shoe takes on the multicolor knit pattern found on many Flyknit sneakers nowadays. Here, we find predominant notes of Mineral Teal and Hyper Jade, along with a Dark Obsidian Swoosh and tongue. Woven in the Free Flyknit Chukka’s upper are small strands of yellow and orange that give the design a zap factor.

The colors might catch your eye first, but this Free Flyknit Chukka packs a punch with its build, too. Free tooling on the sole leaves you feeling like you’re running around on your bare feet, while the upper compliments that feeling with a lighter construction and breathability like no mid-cut shoe you have seen before.

Intricate design and ultra-light feel, all in a mid-cut sneaker that packs a punch. If you’re a fan, you know what to do.

Check out the “Mineral Teal” Nike Free Flyknit Chukka now at

Photos: @vanessasoto_14

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Nike Metcon 1 Wed, 21 Jan 2015 20:19:05 +0000 Click to view slideshow.

For those who WOD regularly, the shoe selected for every day training needs to be able to handle a lot of punishment. From rope climbs to olympic lifts and even burpees, your go-to shoe for a WOD has to be equipped for anything.

The Nike Metcon 1 is built with enough stability to handle your heaviest lifts and the flexibility for a comfortable run. When released, this shoe will show itself as one of the most versatile cross-training shoes on the market.

Some key features on this model include:

  • Flywire cables to help the foot in place while providing a strong support structure
  • Flex grooves specifically placed to allow the foot to move more naturally
  • Rubber padding wraps around the mid-sole to provide more grip and protection on rope climbs.

The Nike Metcon 1 will be available for $120 on beginning January 31st in three colorways.

Photos: @craeprice 

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Nike Eric Koston SE Wed, 21 Jan 2015 18:30:41 +0000 Click to view slideshow.

When you think about sneakers, the sports that usually come to mind first are basketball and running. People often forget how big sneakers are in the world of skateboarding. Just like in basketball, skateboarders grow up wanting to perform like their favorite skaters and of course, wear their signature shoes.

One of the guys in the skate world who has some of the best signature shoes ever is Eric Koston. He has been doing his thing in the skateboarding for decades and has always been laced with some serious heats. I remember him dropping classics with éS and Lakai, but his biggest shoe moments have come with Nike SB.

It was huge news in the skateboarding community when he announced he’d be joining the Nike SB team in 2009. Since doing so, he has yet to disappoint with his signature kicks. Nike already had a star studded roster, but adding Koston to the mix took them to another level.

He’s a legend when it comes kicks and tricks.

The latest drop from him is the Nike SB Koston SE. It’ll have you looking fresh whether you’re skating or just chillin’.

Get the Nike SB Koston SE now at

Photos: @craeprice 

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Nike Free OG 2014 “Stingray” Wed, 21 Jan 2015 17:07:41 +0000 Click to view slideshow.

Those Nike folks never stop innovating do they? No matter the sport, Nike is always looking for ways to help athletes perform better. This all started with running back in the day, and the brand’s passion for helping runners is as strong as ever.

In 2005 they introduced a game changing technology that would help athletes run more naturally. Nike designers witnessed athletes training barefoot and thought to themselves, What if we could make a shoe that replicated that feeling? The Nike Free was born, and it has turned into one of the most popular Nike shoe lines of all time.

Every year it gets even better, and now Nike has decided to pay homage to the OG Nike Free run. This isn’t a retro though because they’ve added some of the latest technology to make this shoe a perfect mix of past and present.

The detail that stands out the most on these is the upper that is made up of mesh and stingray-like textile. The midsole is made up of IU foam for ultimate cushion while the Free outsole is made up of rubber pods. Grab this pair for the perfect shoe for the track, gym, and beyond.

Get the Nike Free OG ‘14 now at

Photos: @craeprice 

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Ian Stonebrook’s 2015 Essentials Tue, 20 Jan 2015 16:38:01 +0000 Ian Stonebrook (@ianstonebrook) has been down with Nice Kicks for over half a decade, helping run some of your favorite on-going features and full investigative pieces for the #1 sneaker blog in The States. A true historian of the sneaker culture and respected for always being on his own wave, we decided finding out his 2015 essentials was a must-have for our recent series. Check out his list of 2015 essentials below:


1. apple iPhone 5 & Apps

“Like everybody else my age, I’m on phone way too much. It helps me stay connected to my family and friends, so that ain’t a bad thing. App-wise, I try to check the verse of the day on the Bible app in the AM to have something positive to marinate on for the day, then it’s usually music apps throughout the workday and the weekends. Spotify is great for digging in the crates and Soundcloud is awesome for discovering new artists. Aside from that, I love Snapchat. It’s kind of becoming a thing for people to build their professional portfolios, but I just like it for goofing around with my friends.”

2. Motorola Sol Deck Speaker

“My mom got me a new speaker for Christmas, so whether I’m working from home or getting ready to go out, there’s always some music playing.”

3. Healthy Eats & Sweets

“Food-wise, I cook just about all my meals, and it’s usually black bean burgers, eggs, and Sweat Leaf green tea. Ice cream very much in heavy rotation, too.”

4. apple Laptop

“I’ve got a couple laptops I rotate using for work on my favorite website, Nice Kicks. Aside from that, I check Nah Right every day, and like Fader and Complex in digital and print form.”

5. Yoga Brick

“In the summer, this is usually a basketball or set of golf clubs, but in the winter, I’m trying to do more yoga. Around the house, I use the brick more than the mat. Lay a minute with that propped up under your back, and it really relaxes and releases stress.”

6. Grunge Gear & Basics

“In regard to clothes, I’m super big on unbuttoned flannel, and Levi’s Made and Crafted jeans. Shirts are either baggy blanks or something vintage/music related.”

7. adidas Boost Sneakers

“When it comes to kicks, I’m in an adidas Boost model if I’m getting active or running errands. All of ‘em are good. I lift in the Pure Boost, run in the ESM Boost 2, and hoop in the d rose 5. Strong in all categories.”

8. Nike Air Pippen 1

“Unlock the swag, the swag unlock.”


Check out more from Ian Stonebrook by giving him a follow on Twitter and Instagram, and head over to for all your 2015 essentials. 

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Nike Trainerendor “Blue Force” Tue, 20 Jan 2015 14:39:59 +0000
Click to view slideshow.

From the mountains to the concrete, the versatile silhouette of the Nike Trainerendor is a force to be reckoned with.

The sandwich mesh and synthetic upper on the Trainerendor is dressed in a Blue Force shade that’s both subtle and a head-turner. Pink Pow accents on the tongue and heel tab bring some pop into the lush look.

A speckled Phylon-equipped midsole keeps your feet cushioned, while the Trainerendor’s multi-directional traction patterned outsole will keep you footed to the ground no matter where you are.

From the highest of cliffs to the lowest of half-pipes, the Trainerendor has you covered.

Grab the “Blue Force” Nike Trainerendor now at

Photos: @craeprice 

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Step Out in Style with Two Nike SB Zoom Stefan Janoskis Mon, 19 Jan 2015 20:10:21 +0000
Click to view slideshow.

Since 2009, the Zoom Stefan Janoski has given a streamlined vulcanized look to both skateboarders and casual wearers alike. Leather and suede grace the model all the time, but the canvas look found on these two colorways will keep you looking smooth and feeling comfortable.

Here, we have two options for the Janoski fans out there. The first has an Anthracite canvas upper, accented with black piping and a white Swoosh logo, while the second is dressed in a medley of blues: Blue Lagoon, Obsidian and Clearwater. To add some seasonal flair, white boot-styled laces finish off both Janoski colorways.

In addition, the Zoom Stefan Janoski is built with the needs of a skateboarder in mind. A molded sockliner and Nike Zoom unit ups the comfort level, while the herringbone outsole provides flexibility and traction, all elements that come in handy when dealing with griptape.

Unquestionably clean designs that pack a pleasant ride to boot, these Zoom Stefan Janoskis are calling out to be added to your sneaker stash.

The Nike SB Zoom Stefan Janoski is available now in Black/White/Anthracite and Blue Lagoon/Obsidian/Clearwater at

Photos: @craeprice 

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