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LeSean McCoy - Nike Air Max 2015

LeSean McCoy let’s you go for a run with him as he shows you what it means to #DareToAir in the new Nike Air Max 2015. The Air Max 2015 follows a long tradition of cutting edge running shoes from Nike Running. Engineered Mesh, Dynamic Flywire, a full-length Air Max unit for cushioning and 28 years in the making, make this one Air Max you won’t want to miss. Take a look as Pro Bowl running back, LeSean McCoy gives you a look at the latest signature Air Max, the Nike Air Max 2015.


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#IRanSF – Remember When You Ran That Thing? Tue, 11 Nov 2014 14:28:21 +0000 #IRanSF - Remember When You Ran That Thing?

So, I did it. I ran the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco. I ran 13.1 miles. With hills. Big ones. It took me 2 hours and 21 minutes. I think my biggest takeaway from the entire weekend was, and is … Did that really just happen?

I arrived in San Francisco early on Saturday, immediately on a mission to get breakfast. Outside of running this race, the second most important thing I set out to accomplish was to eat everything in sight, but delicately, as I did not want to have any “stomach incidents” during my moment of glory. The city is packed because of the race, so I knew I’d be dealing with a short fuse on my patience scale and crowd-induced anxiety. Not to mention, I’m surrounded by a good amount of “basics” that do not necessarily share my sentiments. 

To quote the women in front of me in line for breakfast, “She doesn’t even know what she’s doing, this is like, her first half, so it’s not like it’ll be that great…” They must be fans of my blog. They proceeded to have a very light and healthy breakfast, whereas I devoured every last bite of crab cakes benedict, because “when in Rome” you eat the fresh seafood. In abundance. 

I picked up my race packet at the expo with a full belly, purchased a few wearable souvenirs, and then made a point to bolt as soon as the agoraphobia set in. It was time to seek my calm before the storm, which the ocean (and handful of random naked men) made incredibly easy.  

I played tourist and walked the Golden Gate, which to take a stroll across is as cool of an experience as they say, and then I hit up what I heard was one of the better views in the city. Unbeknownst to me, but knownst to many, it also happened to be a nude beach. Having not gotten the memo, I would still say the views are spectacular at Baker Beach, in spite of the occasional old man and his junk playing sand volleyball.

The sea breeze and a huge lasagna dinner was all the peace I needed until race day, except for one last thing. The ritual. The “laying out of clothes”. It’s like Dexter preparing his victims, only not at all because it’s adrenaline(and estrogen)-filled runners setting their race gear out and then posting pictures of it on Instagram. I had it all. My bib, my outfit, my Chuck Norris button, my body-glide … Laid-out, photographed, and ready to go. And then much to my surprise, I slept like a baby.

Race day. Five AM. I got up, I got ready, I ate a little, and I calmly walked to my corral in the dark. I really didn’t know what to expect, and there are nerves, but I’m not nervous. Mostly I just have to pee, and I’m almost uncomfortably surrounded by scores of women…who all also have to pee. There’s quite a bit of hoopla. Music blaring, random people that you can’t see trying to motivate you by leading cheers into a microphone, and a massive group of girls that dropped it low as soon as they blasted “Turn Down for What”. Stoic as I may have acted, the Lil Jon was not lost on me, and I was ready for that gun to fire. 

Forty-five minutes after the official start time, with my bladder already raging again, my race began. Oh ok, I go now. And go, and go, and go. It’s hard to even know what to feel. The famous San Francisco fog had creeped its way into my brain, and I was “just running” in the Gump-sense of the word, picking up on a weird thing or two along the way, like a spectator sign that said “Run like Ebola is coming”.

The hills were the real deal, though. That brought me right back from whatever cloud I was on. The first half of this race was an enjoyable daze. The second half…significantly less so.

I had already felt some exhaustion setting in around Mile 8, knowing a large hill was ahead of me. I kept seeing people eating those “runner snacks”, but couldn’t find any for myself, which I rarely allow to happen. Then there was Mile 10. To present exhausted people with a hill this large with at this point in a half with three miles remaining seemed like a cruel joke, or even abuse. Most were walking, and although I can’t say I was fully “running”, I continued to trot with my best efforts. The aftermath gave me an unbearable stomach cramp, and once that finally came around, the rest was numb, but not in a good way.

My legs felt heavy, tired (massive understatement), and stiff, to the point where I couldn’t tell if they were even moving at all. Trying to pick up the pace to simply put an end to all of this, I couldn’t help but laugh at the inhumanity of the additional .1 after passing the 13-mile flag. Finally, in the midst of the fog, I saw the big pink square thing that you run under that says “Finish”, indicating that it was in fact over, and I could finally have a banana.

I did it.

And I have the necklace to prove it.

It was surreal in spite of feeling all, and I mean ALL of the physical exertion, and it was even emotional on a level I wasn’t expecting. Support came from so many people, close to me and not. It came from places I wouldn’t have expected, and unfortunately little from where I was hoping to get it most. But, the show must go on. You committed to this, and you learn that certain things aren’t going to move your legs for you. I did this on my own, and I did it for myself. 

That’s what I’ve learned, and learned to love about running. The solitude, the clarity, the accomplishment. I don’t get that from anything else. Lots of activities require intense focus. If you lose yourself for a moment, you could get hurt or not achieve what you want. Running lets you lose everything for however long you can stand it and then some, and the gain somehow feels greater. You achieve some strange sense of enlightenment, and everything after-the-fact manages to work itself out. 

So there you have it. That’s the story. I ran for a while without stopping. I trained, it hurt, I learned stuff, the race happened, I ended up kind of liking it, and I’m still doing it. Now there’s a crazy part of me that wonders if 26.2 is in my future … But maybe I just drank the Kool-Aid. 

Always complaining. Sometimes funny. Follow @BulieJoyle on Twitter.

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The Finish Line Ladies Conquered the Nike Women’s Half SF – Oh Hill Yeah! Fri, 31 Oct 2014 16:06:07 +0000 The Finish Line Ladies toed the start line with their Nikes on at the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco October 19th. The weeks of pounding pavement had finally paid off as these women earned their right to call themselves half-marathoners.

Nike Women's Half Marathon

Meet the 8 girls who took on the hills of San Fran and came out with 13.1 under their belt and a Tiffany’s necklace around their neck. 

Michelle Carigma

Michelle Carigma - Nike Women's Half Marathon SF


Instagram: @Modern_Fit


On her most memorable moment of the weekend: Crossing the finish line. I never knew what it was like to cross a finish line until that moment. I just proved to myself that everything I trained for has paid off. It was one of the most rewarding feelings ever. The biggest challenge I was faced with was the cramps. My left foot was giving out on me, but I had my teammates to help me out. I had to focus physically and mentally at this point. Breathing in my nose and out my mouth helped!

Read Michelle’s full race recap here.

Shelby Elmore

Shelby Elmore - Nike Women's Half Marathon SF

Twitter: @FitWithMeShelby

Instagram: @FitWithMeShelby


On her next fit goal: My next fit goal is to get back to training and cut my mile time down! I have clients tell me all the time they “can’t” or “will never be able to” do something. Of course I tell them that’s not true, but for me, I proved that’s not true by finishing this race. I want to spread that and get more people back into fitness and working toward their fit goals!

Read Shelby’s full race recap here.

Andy Arnold

Andy Arnold - Nike Women's Half Marathon SF

Twitter: @FitAndyy

Instagram: @FitAndyy


On her favorite part of the weekend: Definitely the brunch, meeting all the #FNLbaes, and the personalized Nike hoodies. Completely blown away by how organized and beautiful everything looked at brunch. From the mimosas, Nike Track Club board, to the swag bags! And finally getting the chance to meet all the inspiring Finish Line women! It was great to build those bonds and support/encourage each other on the 13.1 miles that was ahead of us that weekend. Soon, I want to work towards Boston qualifying. In order to do that, I need to get faster and continue building from where I am at now.

Read Andy’s full race recap here.

Kimmy Kamish

Kimmy Kamish - Nike Women's Half Marathon SF

Twitter: @KimmyKamish

Instagram: @Kimberly_Kamish

On the most challenging aspect of the race: The biggest challenge was realizing the race was with myself and not with the other 24,999 awesome runners. There were moments in the beginning of the race where I constantly looked back, wanting to insure that I was not the last person in the crowd. Miles passed and moments grew bigger, 6 miles down, 7 miles down and so on. I stopped looking back, and it was then when I knew the race within had already been won. The focus was now in front of me. I was inspired by the diversity of runners and their obvious and relentless determination. There were runners of all ages trekking up the hills of San Fran with the kind of grit only winners possess, and the most humbling part of that was knowing I was in their company. Signs read, “I don’t know you, but I am proud of you”, “Just keep running, just keep running”, “NWHM saved my brothers life”. The shirts of my fellow runners held names of the survivors and the fighters whom they were running for. I met a man early in the morning before the race began, he had his wife’s photo on his shirt, and said to me, “This disease took a lot of my money and my wife, and today I’ve earned this run”. I mean seriously, someone grab me tissue box already, because here comes the waterworks! The truth is, all of this was my motivation; the signs, the names, the stories, they all kept me going.

Aubry Wiltcher

Aubry Wiltcher - Nike Women's Half Marathon SF

Twitter: @aubrygrl

Instagram: @aubrymarie

On digging deep and finding motivation: At the start I thought I might make it to mile 8 or 9. At mile 2, I heard someone shout my name, and right then I found the motivation it would take to run all 13.1. At mile 4, my knee begin to ache with excruciating, pain reminding me I’m not invisible. At mile 7, it felt like everyone was passing me. At mile 10, I saw a sign that read “remember why you started”. My eyes filled with tears as I used what little energy I had left to conquer that hill. I run for my mom. My mother has cerebral palsy and has never been able to run (walking is a challenge). Physically limited as she may be, she is the best mom anyone could ask for.

Jindy Garfias

Jindy Garfias - Nike Women's Half Marathon SF

Twitter: @iRunDisney

Instagram: @iRunDisney


On her favorite part of the weekend: This weekend was like the rad extra whipped cream top of a huge, rare, well-earned dessert for me. Meeting all of the Finish Line ladies and spending time with the FNL and NTC girls really left me recharged and refreshed. My side convo with Molly convinced me that I need to start researching a cooler weather marathon and throw my hat in the ring a 2nd time at 26.2.

Angela Shaw

Angela Shaw - Nike Women's Half Marathon SF

Twitter: @ellaesco

Instagram: @ellaesco

On crossing the finish line: This weekend I did something I didn’t think was possible. Being from Oregon, I am a runner at heart, but my body just doesn’t agree. I [trained] at a very gradual pace to avoid injury. I thought of so many people during the race. All of those inspiring thoughts lead me to my very first finish line (pun intended).

Ashleigh Hinrichs

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 11.14.50 AM

Twitter: @asheejojo

Instagram: @asheejojo


On finding motivation: During the run, I found motivation in my current favorite running song: T.I. [feat: Skylar Grey] New National Anthem. I made sure to start and finish the race with this song. Also, telling myself that I could let it hurt and push past the pain gave me motivation to continue even when the going got tough. Knowing I had endured a marathon the weekend before actually provided me with positive reinforcement that I could push my body to its limits.

Read Ashleigh’s race recap here.

We couldn’t be more proud of our Finish Line Ladies. Check out all of their pics from race weekend by browsing the hashtags #FNLRunsSF and #NikeTrackClub.

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#FNLrunsSF – The Cardio Circuit You’ll Actually Enjoy Fri, 17 Oct 2014 19:23:41 +0000

The Nike Women’s Half Marathon feels so close I can practically taste the air and feel the hills. Even if you can’t make it to the race, you can become inspired by the City by the Bay in my workouts leading up to the big day. Although building that booty and defining those abs is fun, for this next workout, I really wanted to incorporate some cardio training to help prepare for the 13 miles. I know, I know, it’s rare for someone to actually enjoy typical cardio (at least not until it’s over), so that’s why I came up with this — it gets the heart pumping and body temp rising with some more creative moves than just running. Enjoy!

1. 2, and 3. DANCE!

Dance with @FitWithMeShelby

San Francisco is known for their dance clubs and night life. Plus, can you think of a more fun way to get moving?

Quantity: 2 songs

2. Lands End Explosive Squats

Lands End Explosive Squats with @FitWithMeShelby

A Start in a fully-squatted position, hands extended downward by your side. B Jump straight up swinging your arms over your head. Land back in A.

Quantity: 3 sets of 15 squats

3. Marin Headland High Knees

Marin Headlands High Knees with @FitWithMeShelby

A Stand straight with your elbows bent at 90 degrees in front of you. Bring your right knee to your right hand. B Jump up, switching knees in the air. C Land with your left knee touching your left hand.

Quantity: 3 sets of 20 touches per side

4. Baker Beach Kick Box Squat

Baker Beach KickBox Squats with @FitWithMeShelby

A Begin in a half squat with your hands making fists in front of you. B Do a high-kick as you spin 180 degrees. Land back in position A.

Quantity: 3 sets of 15 squats

5. San Francisco Side Shuffle

San Francisco Side Shuffle with @FitWithMeShelby

A Begin standing still, feet together, and knees slightly bent. B Jump out to your right side. C Land with feet together and then instantly jump back.

Quantity: 3 sets of 10 jumps per side

How’s it feel to do 20 minutes of cardio without running a single strut? Pretty good I bet! Get this bad boy in 3 times per week, and watch your endurance level take off! Show me those high kicks and dance moves with #FNLfit and watch for my race recap post next week!

I’ve been a huge fan of the open-jacket-over-sports-bra look lately. I drew inspiration from Maria Sharapova for the cover of SHAPE, Kimberley Wyatt for Health and Fitness, and Allison Sweeney for Fitness Magazine. Follow these links to get the look too!

Music cred: Ananda. Photo cred: Chandler Kim.

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#WeRunSF – It’s All Falling into Place Fri, 17 Oct 2014 17:53:12 +0000

#WeRunSF - It's all falling into place

This post is about Chuck Norris and cosmic significance. Sort of. But first, let me backtrack.

I may have been a little discouraged in my last article … And for good reason. Injuries are never cool, especially when you’re starting to enjoy something you never thought possible. It throws a huge wrench into the mix and totally kills the vibe. I considered backing out. I considered eating my feelings. Actually, I often did eat my feelings. But. There’s a but…

After several weeks of running very little and resting quite a bit, getting regular massages, new shoes, taking ice baths, you name it … It was time to pick it back up. I caught up to my training schedule (which I’ve learned you should never really live and die by), and I was managing.

Sure there was some pain, but, that’s what training kind of equates to. All the work, time, pain, stress, pain, time, pain, pain… leads up to that race, which really is just a celebration of your efforts. Look what you did. Now have a beer or four, and probably an entire pizza.

I was dreading my longest run. It would have been the first really long one since everything went south. I had set out for 9 miles, one more than where I hit my wall. Everyone says, “If you can do 8, you can run the half.” Fine. I put on this geeky new hydration belt, put some new rap jams on my phone, and went for it. And…

It was amazing. The day was gorgeous. It was so fall that basic white girls everywhere probably “couldn’t even”. The scenery was killer. The pain was almost nonexistent. It was going so well that I tacked on another mile and did 10… And the last mile was my fastest. I finally felt encouraged again. With a face covered in bugs and crusty sweat, I finished my longest run to date and realized I was just about ready.

Now it’s “Taper Week”. I’m totally sitting on my butt, moving very little, and eating quite a bit since my body just wants the food. Taper week rules. The calm before the storm. The nice, restful break right before all your hard work is about to pay off. I now remember what laziness and free time are like, to the point where I powered through Season 4 of The Walking Dead in just a few days.

I did my last run of 3 miles before I leave for San Francisco. Hard to believe that distance ends up feeling like nothing anymore. I had finished the run and was walking up to my doorstep, again feeling pretty ready, but feeling like something was missing. Is it finally time? Do I have everything I need? Am I really ready? Is this how it should feel?

And then I saw it.

My sign. My spirit animal, if you will. My good luck charm.

Chuck Norris. I found a Chuck Norris button, as if it were placed just for me on the steps of my apartment. Ok Universe, whatever you’re trying to tell me, I’m into it. This is a sign of good things in spite of Mercury retrograde. This pin is meant to be worn as my badge of honor during this race. It will serve as a reminder that when the going gets tough, just channel Lone Wolf McQuade and keep going. You can always keep going, because Chuck Norris is with you.

Now, I am ready. I have my outfit, courtesy of my sister-in-law. I have my good luck charm. I have a credit limit that will allow for this trip. I have supporters. I have motivation.

I’ve been looking at the #WeRunSF hashtag on Instagram … I’ve determined that I roll a little differently than most of these women. I don’t have crazy abs. I’m not getting Tiffany blue nails. I have no selfies in my sports bra. I’m not a fast runner. I eat all the junk food. I go at it alone, and it’s new to me. And I can’t wait. All differences aside, we at least have this race (and gender) as common ground.

This is going to be an experience. I will run the Golden Gate Bridge. I will devour some IN & OUT Burger (Double Double Animal Style & Animal Style Fries). I will eat a lot of pre-race pasta. I will get a Tiffany necklace for 2 straight hours of running. I will explore San Francisco for the first time. I will complete my first half marathon. I will not shart. Hopefully…

Mr. Norris and I have a pretty sweet little weekend planned, and it’s just about go time. Good luck, Chuck.

Get the ‘Grams and Tweets from my SF experience — there will be food. Follow @BulieJoyle.

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#WeRunSF: Finish Line Ladies Prepare To Take On The Nike Women’s Half Marathon In San Francisco Thu, 16 Oct 2014 21:20:57 +0000
San Francisco Marathon Runners

So much awesomeness in one image

This weekend, San Francisco won’t know what hit it when eight amazing Finish Line ladies take the city by storm. They’ll be toeing the line at one of the biggest women’s-only races in the country–The Nike Women’s Half Marathon. We’ve followed their journey as they’ve pushed past their limits to train for this race. And now it’s here. Sunday, October 19, #FNLrunsSF!

And while they live thousands of miles apart, they all came together on one day last week to train ”together” for the big event. Distance may have separated them, but with a little help from social media, these fit chicks killed their training runs like we knew they would. Check out some of the highlights from their virtual run below.


Redefining “Impossible” #FNLrunsSF #WeRunSF #FinishLine #MIPLosAngeles #MIPVIPSF

View on Instagram



Do something that scares you every Wednesday – speedwork with Seaside Striders #FNLrunsSF #FNLstyle #FNLfit View on Instagram



  #FNLrunsSF #WeRunSF #MIPVegas after work and school I get to clear my mind. #NWM #pegasus31 #nikeplus   View on Instagram

See more from the ladies by checking out #FNLrunsSF on Twitter. While you’re at it, wish good luck to all of the fabulous 8—@fitwithmeshelby, @KimmyKamish, @aubrygrl, @ellaesco, @irunDisney@MCHELLEAPRIL, @fitandyy and @asheejojo as #weRunSF this weekend! Get it girls!

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Modern Fit Trains for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon SF in Style Thu, 16 Oct 2014 18:33:58 +0000

Michelle from Modern Fit is at it again. This time, she is training for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco — and doing so in style! See #WeRunSF and #FNLRunsSF. Check out some of these photos and blurbs below from her post Faith Over Fear, and don’t forget to head over to her blog to see what else she’s doing to train for the race. Plus, you can’t ignore what she is wearing…

Name: Michelle Macarigma
Instagram: @_modernfit
Seen here in: Nike Pro Classic Padded BraNike Printed Relay Cropped Running Tights & Nike Free Flyknit 4.0 Running Shoes

“The official countdown for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon has commenced, and I am so excited that the event is almost near!”

Nike Free Flyknit 4.0 - Modern Fit

“My mentality is if I have never done it, then I’m going to do it.”

Nike Free Flyknit 4.0 - Modern Fit

“Although my endurance isn’t the best, it’s the best it has ever been in my whole entire life.”

Nike Free Flyknit 4.0 - Modern Fit

“I’m finally going to meet some of the Finish Line influencers! These girls are bad asses with such great determination.”

Nike Free Flyknit 4.0 - Modern Fit

“No turning back now (also because it’s non-refundable lol).”

Read the full article here, and be sure to keep up with Modern Fit to stay motivated, become inspired, and follow her on her journey of living a healthy lifestyle.

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Finish Line in Water Tower Place Gets Exclusive Chicago Marathon Products Thu, 09 Oct 2014 17:19:27 +0000

Only two days left until the Bank of Chicago Marathon! Many are waiting in anticipation to breeze through the windy city, have a slice of deep-dish pizza, and possibly head over to the Finish Line in Water Tower Place on the beautiful Magnificent Mile. Whether you are running in the race — check out what these two racers are saying about the big day! — or just cheering on friends and fam, you’re going to want to check out some of these exclusive marathon-inspired products while you are in the area.

Store Details

Instagram: @FinishLineWaterTower
Address: 835 N Michigan Ave. 7th Fl Chicago, IL 60611
Phone Number: (312) 649-1184

Exclusive Chicago Marathon Gear

Finish Line wishes great luck to all those who will be racing. And to all those dedicated supporters out there: stay warm!

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#WeRunSF – Ups and Downs. Literally. Fri, 03 Oct 2014 16:15:44 +0000  #WeRunSF - Ups and downs. Literally.

Hey, guess what?!  Everything #$&@ hurts! (including my wallet). I feel like running is now slapping me in the face like a condescending Wonka meme. Oh, you thought this was going well? Tell me more about how great training has been… I am now fully acquainted with the hardships of this sport. And it all started with adding the #$&@ hills.

So, lingering aches and pains are around, no doubt. Didn’t stretch enough, still improving form, knee aches, I suck in general, what have you… But I can pinpoint the exact run where things really went down the crap chute. About three weeks ago it was time to incorporate hills, which I brilliantly decided to do on a long run.

It all started so perfectly… I was on a new trail, I had my rap music, it was a gorgeous day, and I was all up on my runner’s high. I was also not realizing that I was gradually going downhill so subtly that I really didn’t notice anything other than, This is going exceptionally well! I could do this all day!

Famous last words.

Enter morale-crushing steep hill right smack in the middle. I’m pretty sure it felt like Everest and probably only amounted to a sad 50 feet. I felt tough for at least a brief moment, and just forced myself to power through it while playing the Rocky IV training montage in my head because… Never mind. I shouldn’t have to justify how awesome that is.

The last two miles were a true uphill battle of mental stamina over physical, with my left toes developing such a pain that it was causing me to wince with every step. Somehow I managed, but, consider me a shell of a woman afterward. This run forced me to take a nap and worse yet, I didn’t even have an appetite, which is something I cannot comprehend.

Sounds like I’m getting my true introduction to the real world of running, where life consists of one ailment going away just in time for another to surface. It’s a love-hate relationship and takes a lot more time and self-care than just getting your run in and following your training schedule.

I need weekly massages. But I pay for weekly massages. Also, everything #$&@ hurts. I have to take ice baths, which I’m counting as my delayed ALS Ice Bucket Challenge acceptance. Mileage is increasing, and so is the sense of accomplishment, but personal time is dwindling.

I’m also learning a lot about myself. Apparently one leg is slightly longer than the other, which has likely been the reason for all of my hurting and has also subconsciously taken my self-esteem down a peg. “You’re not a natural runner,” they say. Thanks, genetic defect.

I’ve also learned that I’m tougher than I realize, and I can totally do this. I am enjoying this craziness. My routine has adjusted to the point where I become grumpy if I have to take a week off, which is the opposite of how I’ve lived my life for almost 30 years. I may or may not have filled that void with junk food consumption, but… That’s another issue for another day.

Well, the bottom line is that I’m still doing this, and I’ve got less than three weeks to sort it out and get back on track… So I guess it’s crunch time.  #$&@.


Ghostface Killah – The ChampYo I ain’t got it all, that means I’m barely home. Sounds like runners…

Jay-Z – 99 ProblemsI got 99 injuries. But a shin splint ain’t one.

John Cafferty – Hearts On Fire – I wasn’t kidding about Rocky IV, and I do listen to this. Corny 80’s workout music rules.

Always complaining. Sometimes funny. Follow @BulieJoyle on Twitter.

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3 Training Programs for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon SF Mon, 22 Sep 2014 16:21:54 +0000

The countdown began weeks ago, and the Nike Women’s Half Marathon San Francisco is getting women nation-wide anxiously await the days and train their hearts out. Through a lottery system, only 30,000 people were chosen to run the 13-mile race in the City by the Bay. Here are three different training programs, each a little different, from three of the ladies who received a lucky entry: Ashleigh Hinrichs, Andy Arnold, and Shelby Elmore. And even if you’re not competing in this half marathon, you can give one of these workouts a try to switch up your personal exercise regime and stay fit. 

Ashleigh Hinrichs (Asheejojo)

Twitter: @asheejojo
Instagram: @asheejojo

Ashleigh Hinrichs

Ashleigh Hinrichs gives her advice on training for Nike Women’s Half Marathon SF

In order to prepare for my busy racing month, I’ve been keeping up with my training. This usually includes 5 days of running, and at least 2 days of cross-training (recently I’ve been doing Pilates). I also make sure to take 1-2 days off a week to fully rest and recover.

A typical training week looks something like this:

Monday – cross-train + tempo run (~6 miles)
Tuesday – easy morning run (~4-6 miles)
Wednesday – cross-train + speed work
Thursday – easy morning run (~4-6 miles)
Friday – cross-train or rest
Saturday – long run
Sunday – rest

Check out how Ashleigh crossed the finish line last year at the SF Half Marathon and get a sprinkle of her awesome sense of humor by reading the full post on

Andy Arnold (Fit Andy)

Twitter: @Fitandyy
Instagram: @Fitandyy

Andy Arnold

Andy Arnold stretching before she tackles the San Fran hills

Sunday – Rest

With proper rest you will be a better athlete and prevent the risk of injury. You will not lose any progress you have made by taking rest days, pinky promise!

Monday – Cross train 

The end of last year I hurt my IT Band, so cross training revolves around strengthening my glutes. Here are a few of my favorite exercises:

  • Lateral band steps
  • Squat with chop
  • Decel lunge
  • Single leg box reaches
  • Lunges with trunk twist
Andy Arnold

Andy Arnold getting her Tempo Run on

Tuesday – Tempo run

Tempo run has been described to me as an oreo (I knew that would get your attention!), the cookie being the warm up/cool down and the filling as the portion of running slightly above your comfort zone. This zone is where you can’t really speak sentences, only broken words. My tempo runs are usually between 5-7 miles.

Wednesday – ART / Cross train 

Active Release Technique has been a game changer for me. This type of soft tissue massage has alleviated a lot of IT band, quad, hamstring, calf, and piriformis tightness.

My second day of cross training is to strengthen upper body and core. My favorite ab circuit (perform two rounds):

  • Reverse crunches 20reps
  • 1 minute plank
  • ab tucks with sliding plates 20reps
  • 30 second side plank (both sides)

Thursday – Speed work

  • 1 mile warm up
  • 4 rounds of 400 meters fast, 400 meters easy jog
  • 5 rounds of 200 meters fast, 200 meters easy jog
  • 1 mile cool down

Friday – Rest

Read the full post, which includes some diet/massage/pre and post-race tips that you aren’t going to want to just skim over at

Shelby Elmore (FitWithMeShelby)

Instagram: @FitWithMeShelby
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Below are two of the moves from Shelby’s A Nike Women’s Half Marathon SF-Inspired 14-minute Booty Builder. It takes a lot more than 14 minutes to train for your first half, but at least this will get you inspired while building the legs and glutes to help you get through the race. Read the full post, and then why not just try it right away? Saying you ain’t got time is no excuse for this workout quickie. 

1. Coit Tower Squats

Coit Tower Squats - @FitWithMeShelby

A Stand tall like a tower, feet shoulder-width part, hands behind your head. B Sit down and back into a squat. Keep knees aligned over toes and feet straight ahead to maintain proper posture. C Stand up, bringing one foot to the other. D Step out with the opposite foot.

Quantity: 2 sets of 10

Note: Each rep, alternate which foot is brought inward

2. Lombard Street Lunges

Lumbar Street Leggings @FitWithMeShelby

A Begin with one foot far enough in front of the other to feel like you’re taking a huge forward step. B Rotate your upper body in toward your forward leg. C Twist back to the starting position. D Lunge down then up. Repeat on opposite side.

Quantity: 2 sets of 10 reps



However you prepare to train, make it fun by switching it up and trying different workout plans (from these girls here!). Follow their blogs, give them a like or two, and share with them what you do to exercise. And if you’re in need of a little extra motivation, check out these cute running gear pieces from Finish Line

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