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Each week we take you inside the shoe box, so you can have an exclusive 360° look at your favorite kicks. Packing in all

Mizuno's motto is “never settle”. Considered by many as the pinnacle in performance running footwear, Mizuno's second iteration of the Wave Prophecy has received a

The new year is here, and more than likely you will need a little extra motivation to tackle your New Year's resolution. So, what

The Mizuno Wave Prophecy quickly became a go-to choice for many serious runners, the shoe being one of the highest performing runners on the

Mizuno’s wave technology is the world’s first and most effective mechanical midsole. Waveforms such as tidal waves and sound waves spread and dissipate energy
Mizuno Wave Prophecy

As natural as running is, if you've tried doing it barefoot, you know it's not easy. Yet, on the other hand, implement too much

The demands of the marathon runner often far exceed that of just the weekend warrior. Being the all shoes are not created equal,  it