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The whole Jordan hybrid debate is always a tricky one. Some people love them and some people hate them. Given the strong opinions on hybrids, it’s interesting that a couple of these remixed Js get a pass and nod of approval within the sneaker community. The two that I’m referring to are the Jordan Spizike and Dub Zero.

Why do these get a pass when others get ridiculed so much? Maybe it’s the deeper inspiration behind their design and creation, or maybe it’s much simpler than that … It could very well be that these just look dope while other hybrids fall short of incorporating classic Jordan design elements to create a look that can stand on its own.

We’ve seen the Spizike return time and time again, but the Dub Zero hasn’t been debuted seen since its original release in 2005. Well, what better time than the 30th anniversary of the Jordan line? That’s exactly what’s happening, and it’s dropping in a University Blue.

In case you haven’t noticed, Jordan Brand has been favoring blue colorways lately. This version of the Dub Zero features a design that honors the past three decades of the Air Jordan legacy and serves as a worthy debut to Dub Zero retros.

Get the Jordan Dub Zero Retro on January 24th at 10AM EST at

Photos: @ludlowphotopro

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Air Jordan Retro VII French Blue Remastered Sat, 17 Jan 2015 14:55:10 +0000 Click to view slideshow.

The year 2015 is set to be a big one for Jordan Brand for a number of reasons. First off, this is the 30th anniversary of the Jordan signature shoe line. Yup, the Air Jordan 1 dropped in 1985! That’s before a lot of you were even born, I’m sure.

This also happens to be a special anniversary for a certain classic Jordan. The Air Jordan 7 turns 23 year this year, and you don’t need me to tell you why that is a significant birthday for a Jordan sneaker.

Another thing that is going to make 2015 big for Jordan Brand is the release of “remastered” retros. The brand is doing everything they can to make retros as OG as possible. Sneakerheads have been complaining about quality for years, and now JB promises to give you a shoe just like the original pair you probably had growing up.

They started things off in a big way last week with the release of the Air Jordan IV “Legend Blue”, and now they are keeping the white and blue theme going with the OG French Blue VIIs.

They originally released in 2002 and are finally back in all of their OG glory. Expect these to go quick and don’t forget to set your alarm!

Get the Air Jordan Retro VII on January 24 at 10AM EST at

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Jordan Every Day – University Blue Tue, 13 Jan 2015 20:45:56 +0000 0115-JordanEveryday-UniversityBlue-Social_v02

It’s easy to forget that Michael Jordan actually played for a few squads other than the Chicago Bulls. To kick off 2015, Jordan Brand pays homage to his college alma mater featuring University Blue hues typically associated with his days in UNC and Carmelo’s rookie season in Denver. French Blue also makes its way back, a direct nod to Mike’s final seasons in the league as an All-Star/mentor with the Washington Wizards.

Expect both colorways to dominate your favorite retros and performance gear all month long and watch out for your favorite players to don them on court as well.

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Kicks on Cards Collection: First Signature Shoes Thu, 08 Jan 2015 18:37:32 +0000 It’s the first month of the new year, the first Kicks on Cards Collection of the year, and Kyrie Irving’s debut Nike Basketball signature model, the Kyrie 1, drops in its awesome “Deceptive Red” colorway this Saturday here at Finish Line. With all these “firsts” in mind, I figured for this week’s set of classic sneakers spotted on cardboard, we’d take a look at nothing but a few of the greatest first signature shoes of our favorite NBA stars.

We’ll begin with the most important first signature basketball shoe of them all. I speak, of course, of the Air Jordan 1. Here we spot the iconic, legendary ”Chicago” colorway of the shoe, a major reason the entire sneaker culture exists, on a young (so young he still has hair) Michael Jordan. Who could’ve guessed back in 1985 that this shoe would begin the most celebrated, industry-changing line of athletic footwear the world would ever see?

Michael Jordan Air Jordan 1 Kicks on Cards

Another one of the most important debut signature sneakers for an NBA superstar is next, and it’s none other than “The King” himself, LeBron James in the Nike Air Zoom Generation. While obviously not as important as the Air Jordan 1 in the grand scheme of things, the AZG began the now twelve-and-counting model series of LeBron’s always-anticipated signature sneakers—the most dominant line in basketball shoes today.

LeBron James Nike Air Zoom Generation Kicks on Cards

Next is a duo of the best, boldest, and most memorable debut signature basketball sneakers from Reebok: Shaquille O’Neal’s Shaq Attaq and Shawn Kemp’s Kamikaze.

Shaquille O'Neal Reebok Shaq Attaq Kicks on Cards

Shawn Kemp Reebok Kamikaze Kicks on Cards

We close with Gary Payton’s first signature model, the Nike Zoom Flight ’98, also known as The Glove. As you may know, GP had a few non-official signature shoes from Nike before The Glove, including the Air Flight Turbulence and Air Hawk Flight, but the shrouded sneaker from 1998 was the first to officially bear his name.

Gary Payton Nike Zoom Flight 98 The Glove Kicks on Cards

That does it for this week of first signature basketball models, but don’t forget to grab the next great debut signature hoops shoe this weekend, the Kyrie 1 from Nike in “Deceptive Red”. Stay tuned for more Kicks on Cards every Wednesday here at the Finish Line Blog, and be sure to check out the full Kicks on Cards site for much more sneaker nostalgia.


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Air Jordan Retro IV “Legend Blue” Remastered Tue, 06 Jan 2015 17:40:58 +0000 Click to view slideshow.

Jordan Brand is known for constantly making headlines, but in mid 2014 they made an announcement that had the entire sneaker industry talking. What was it? Turns out they finally decided to address one of the biggest complaints from Jordanheads about shoe quality.

We all have that OG sneakerhead friend who is constantly shaking his head at retro releases and reciting something along the lines of, “These are terrible compared to the originals.” While there are definitely other factors that come into play when it comes to a decrease in quality, like access to the materials and factories from 20 years ago, there isn’t much of an excuse for brands to be charging premium prices for shoes that aren’t great quality.

Jordan Brand announced that in 2015 they would start releasing “remastered” retros that would be as close to the original shoe as possible. Well, 2015 is finally here, and the first remastered pair being released is the “Legend Blue” IVs, aka “Columbia” IVs.

Just looking at these images, you can see a noticeable difference in the quality of the leather. This is a huge step forward for the brand, and you can bet that sneakerheads everywhere will be lining up to grab the closest thing to OG that you can get these days. Don’t sleep on these!

Get the Air Jordan Retro IV on Saturday, December 10th at 10AM EST at

Photos: @ludlowphotopro

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A Kicks on Cards Special Christmas Edition: Red and Green Sneakers Wed, 24 Dec 2014 14:49:48 +0000 It’s Christmas Eve, and that means there’s probably only one thing on your mind right now: what and how many shoes you’ll have under the Christmas tree tomorrow morning. Here’s hoping you get every pair you wished for.

Ahead of all your goodies tomorrow, I have a small present for you all today. Instead of the usual five cards for the weekly Kicks on Cards Collection, today I’ll double the fun with a set of ten. The festivities don’t end there, as I went deep into the Kicks on Cards vault to pull out nothing but sneakers in Christmas appropriate colorways of red, green and white. From the Air Jordan 1 to the Reebok Answer IV, enjoy this special Christmas edition of Kicks on Cards and a happy holidays to you.


Jerome Kersey – Nike Big Nike

Jerome Kersey Nike Big Nike Kicks on Cards


Nate McMillan – Nike Air Force V
Nate McMillan Nike Air Force V

 Clyde Drexler – Roos

Clyde Drexler Roos Kicks on Cards

Derrick McKey – Rare green accented colorway of the Nike Air Force 180 High

Derrick McKey Nike Air Force 180 High Kicks on Cards


Brent Barry – Nike Air Wayup

Brent Barry Nike Air Wayup Kicks on Cards


Gary Payton – Nike Air Maestro 2

Gary Payton Nike Air Maestro Kicks on Cards

Michael Jordan – Air Jordan 1

Michael Jordan Air Jordan 1 Madison Square Garden

Vladimir Radmanovic – Air Jordan 16

Vladimir Radmanovic Air Jordan 16

Derek Anderson – Air Jordan 9 Retro Low PE
Derek Anderson Air Jordan 9 Low PE

Allen Iverson – Reebok Answer IV

Allen Iverson Reebok Answer IV Kicks on Cards


Stay tuned for more Kicks on Cards every Wednesday here at the Finish Line Blog, and be sure to check out the full Kicks on Cards site for much more sneaker nostalgia.

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Jordan “Christmas” Pack Tue, 23 Dec 2014 14:34:12 +0000 Click to view slideshow.

If you’re a basketball fan, then watching NBA games on Christmas day is probably a close 2nd to your favorite thing to do when you wake up that day. Hopefully your favorite is spending time with your family. Oftentimes these are combined, so it’s a win win!

The NBA knows how popular the Christmas games are and always makes sure the match ups are on point and feature some of the biggest basketball stars in the world. I can’t lie, it’s a gift to wake up and watch guys like Kobe Bryant and LeBron James do their thing that day.

For as amazing is that is, imagine what it was like doing that in the ’90s when Michael Jordan was in his prime. In 1992, he put on a Christmas day show with 42 points to lead his Chicago Bulls in a victory over the New York Knicks.

What kicks were on his feet? Cardinal 7s.

To pay tribute to that legendary performance, Jordan Brand is lacing up three of the league’s biggest stars in special editions of their signature shoes that were inspired by those Cardinal 7s. These players will be Carmelo Anthony in his Melo 11s, Chris Paul in his CP3.VIIIs and Blake Griffin in the Super.Fly 3s.

Get the Jordan Pack on December 24 at 8AM EST at

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The Countdown: 11 Best Jordan XI Releases Of All Time Thu, 18 Dec 2014 15:00:40 +0000 We asked our #FNLfam what their favorite Jordan 11s of all time were. Using their responses, we compiled the official list of the 11 Best Jordan XI Releases of All Time. Yesterday we featured #4, the Jordan XI “Columbia”. Below it continues with #3…

#3 Jordan XI “Space Jam”

Original Year: 2001

Photo courtesy of: Sneaker Files

Photo courtesy of: Sneaker Files

“I was born in the ’90s, so growing up as a kid this was my favorite movie to watch. Once I saw Jordan in the ‘Jams’, I always wanted to mimic the whole “stretching the arm” technique. That didn’t work, and my arms were extremely small lol, so I just stuck with rocking the kicks. I also wore my ‘Space Jams’ during my last home high school basketball game (Senior Night).” – Jeremy Jones of Kick Genius

“Retro I know! But Space Jam the movie is a classic that my grandkids enjoy to this day and forever. From the Royal Blue Jumpman to the clear outsole, this is truly my favorite XI EVER!” – Kenny Gonzales

“So much nostalgia here for me. These were grails for me as a YOUNG SNEAKERHEAD.” – Larry Luk

Click here for more news around the Jordan 11, and check back tomorrow as The Countdown: 11 Best Jordan XI Releases of All Time continues with #2 and #1. 

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Kicks on Cards Collection: “Columbia” Air Jordan 11s, Kobe and More Wed, 17 Dec 2014 16:53:59 +0000 The biggest sneaker release of the year is upon us this weekend, with the long-awaited, much anticipated return of the Air Jordan 11 “Columbia” colorway. Now instead of Columbia, the light blue hue is going by the name “Legend Blue”, but whatever you call them, there’s no doubt that this storied Air Jordan 11 will provide the most hectic sneaker release all year.

In normal fashion here at the Kicks on Cards Collection, we take a look at a classic sneaker currently making headlines with a flashback of it in original form. But unfortunately since Michael Jordan only wore them for one game, the 1996 NBA All-Star Game, nary a card could be found with MJ rocking an OG pair. So instead we turn to the last time the Columbias released, all they way back in 2001, where we spot them on the feet of Mitch Richmond.


Because it’s the biggest sneaker release of the year, I figured we’d go twice as nice with the Columbias this week, so here’s Michael Finley in his own pair of the 2001 retro.

Michael Finely Air Jordan 11 Columbia Kicks on Cards


Kobe Bryant was also making headlines in the sports and sneaker world this week, as he passed Michael Jordan to become third on the NBA’s all-time scoring list. Nike celebrated his historic moment by dropping a special edition Kobe 9 Elite Low colorway on Nike iD, but we’ll go all the way back to his days with adidas to spot his first signature shoe, the KB 8.

Kobe Bryant adidas KB8 Kicks on Cards

We finish out with two random classics this week, first with Scottie Pippen gliding in the Nike Air Maestro 2, and then The Reignman himself in the Reebok Reignman II.

Scottie Pippen Nike Air Maestro Kicks on Cards

Shawn Kemp Reebok Reignman II Kicks on Cards


Stay tuned for more Kicks on Cards every Wednesday here at the Finish Line Blog, and be sure to check out the full Kicks on Cards site for much more sneaker nostalgia.

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Kicks on Cards Collection: ‘Bred’ Air Jordan 13s, Rare OG Air Huaraches and More Wed, 10 Dec 2014 19:32:25 +0000 Along with the Air Jordan 6 Retro’s big year, Jordan Brand has blessed us with a number of excellent editions of the Air Jordan 13 in 2014, as well. The final new offering for the 13 this year arrives this weekend with the stealthy Black/Gym Red colorway. On the shoe with design influence from the paw of a panther, this new colorway is perhaps the 13’s deadliest look yet, featuring a blacked out leather and suede upper with dark red accents for the paw-pad-like midsole.

Since this Saturday’s release is a new colorway, this week’s Kicks on Cards collection leads off with the closest original makeup for the Air Jordan 13, the “Bred” version worn by Michael Jordan himself back in 1998.

Michael Jordan Air Jordan 13 Bred Kicks on Cards

Our second card this week features an unlikely sighting of an uncommon shoe: the original Nike Air Huarache in its rare black and white colorway, worn here by Andre Hastings in 1993 for his rookie card photo shoot. Of course if you know anything about classic running shoes, you’re probably familiar with some of the more iconic colorways of the Air Huarache, like the “Scream Green” look that returned this fall. But did you know the neoprene-equipped runner masterpiece by Tinker Hatfield also originally released in this more toned-down black and white look?

Andre Hastings Nike Air Huarache Original Black/White Kicks on Cards

Going back to basketball, next up is another legend of the hardwood, with Dominique Wilkins in his non-official signature shoe, the Reebok Pump Twilight Zone from 1991.

Dominique Wilkins Reebok Pump Twilight Zone Kicks on Cards

We close this week’s set with two great late-90’s Nike Basketball models, both underrated in their own respects. First is the Nike Air MZ3 worn by Kerry Kittles (still never retroed, despite its awesome design) and then Penny Hardaway in the Air Penny IV (by far Penny’s most under-appreciated signature shoe).

Kerry Kittles Nike Air MZ3 Kicks on Cards

Penny Hardaway Nike Air Penny IV Kicks on Cards


Stay tuned for more Kicks on Cards every Wednesday here at the Finish Line Blog, and be sure to check out the full Kicks on Cards site for much more sneaker nostalgia.

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