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adidas Originals Rod Laver

adidas Originals is bringing back some of the greatest tennis shoes of all time. Not only is the Stan Smith back on the market,

The boat shoe has been around pretty much forever, or at least as long as boats have been around, but for the most part

The summer's about mid-way through and we've put together a few kicks to check out to get through the rest of it before it's

With styles and fashions constantly changing, it can be very difficult for brands to keep up with the changing times and stay relevant. In

One of the most difficult things when buying a new pair of shoes is deciding on what materials you want to go with. There's

Cold weather's out, and warm weather's in. As the seasons change, so does our fashion tastes, and with spring officially here, it's time to

Winter is making its way into the rear view for most of us across the country, and with that being said, it's time to

In a time where the hottest sneakers on the market seem to be ones that cost $150 and up, it's hard to imagine that

As new technologies are developed in the footwear industry, athletes shelve their old pairs and lace up for something a little more technical. However,