Finish Line » LeBron James Finish Line's Blog Tue, 30 Jun 2015 14:28:16 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Nike LeBron 12 Low Wed, 03 Jun 2015 17:20:09 +0000 With LeBron leading the Cleveland Cavaliers to the NBA Finals, people expect nothing but big performances out of King James. When the game is on the line you know who is going to want the ball, The King himself. LeBron plans on putting his hometown on his back and carrying them to an NBA title.

With the challenging task at hand you know that we can expect some exciting moments in the upcoming finals against the Golden State Warriors. What sports fans might not realize with the upcoming finals is the battle between star athletes with signature shoes. LeBron James obviously is the anchor for Nike Basketball but his opponent and League MVP Steph Curry has one of the hottest shoes in the game right now. So be prepared for an athletic battle and a footwear battle on the court.

When the clock ticks down to three seconds left what does it take to get the job done? A strong will to win and a strong sneaker to support that game. With LeBron going hard on the court, Nike is going just as hard in the retail scene. Since the debut of the LeBron 12 low, we have seen a wide array of colorways and even a special edition. Make sure you are ready for the clutch performance and pick up the Lebron 12 low.

Make sure you grab your pair of Lebron 12 Lows at

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Nike LeBron 12 Low “Photo Blue” Thu, 14 May 2015 15:22:12 +0000 Click to view slideshow.

With Kevin Love out for the Cleveland Cavaliers, LeBron James has even more pressure on him in the NBA playoffs. If anyone can rise to the occasion, it’s the King, and boy did he do that during Game 4 on Saturday.

With the game on the line, LeBron now famously decided to disregard the play his coach was drawing up and take matters into his own hands. He went on to hit the game winning buzzer beater from the baseline, and the legend of LeBron James added another chapter to its rich history.

So what does it take to be able to step up in big moments like that? Lots of guts, and of course you have to put in the work in the gym. I bet LeBron has been practicing for those moments since he was a kid.

Another thing that doesn’t hurt is having some of the best basketball sneakers on the market laced up to make sure you have the comfort and support you need when it matters the most. Okay, so I’m not saying playing in some Nike LeBron 12s is going to make you as clutch as hi,m but they will definitely make sure you are comfortable and looking fresh.

The latest version of the LeBron 12 to drop gets the low top treatment with a Photo Blue colorway. Cop these and take your sneaker game to a king level.

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Nike LeBron 12 Elite “Elevate” Tue, 12 May 2015 16:39:48 +0000 Click to view slideshow.

As it stands, LeBron James and the depleted Cleveland Cavaliers, who missed J.R. Smith for the first two games of the series and will not have Kevin Love for the rest of the playoffs, are facing a healthier-than-ever Chicago Bulls team. With their own star players and tough defense, the Bulls have perhaps the best chances of any Eastern Conference team in the past few years to knock out the King this early on.

That’s why this new Nike LeBron 12 Elite is coming out at the perfect time. Of course, even on it’s own, the LeBron 12 Elite is a performance powerhouse that’ll have you playing the game on clouds. With a breathable and flexible Megafuse upper, Dynamic Flywire lockdown, and hexagonal Zoom Air units, that’s no question.

But then there’s the telling colorway. Nike’s message with the new “Elevate” Elite collection is that this is the time to step up to the task, and go beyond normal abilities to bring your team closer to the championship. The blue colorway on this LeBron 12 Elite, dressed with orange accent shades, pays ode to the sky, the true limit on LeBron’s basketball prowess.

And who knows? Maybe you can get closer to playing like King James in the most advanced LeBron signature yet. Only one way to find out.

The Nike LeBron 12 Elite “Elevate” will be available on Friday, May 15th at 10 a.m. at

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Nike LeBron 12 “Flight” Thu, 30 Apr 2015 13:58:10 +0000 Click to view slideshow.

LeBron James returned back to his hometown Cleveland Cavaliers last summer in order to try to bring a championship home. With a first series playoff sweep complete, it looks like everything is going according to plan so far. Well, sort of.

I don’t think losing Kevin Love for the next series was part of the plan, but LeBron and company will just have to step their game up even more to make up for his absence. That’s a tough player to make up for, but if anyone can do it, it’s King James.

He’ll be doing it in his trusted Nike LeBron 12s. Nike hasn’t been shy about releasing multiple colorways of these, and they seem to have a lot more left where that heat came from. The next edition to drop is the “Flight” colorway.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the connection between LeBron James and flying. LeBron is one of the best dunkers in the game, and you know when he rises up, it’s about to be a Sports Center Top 10 moment. This all new colorway comes in a dope combination of Metallic Wolf Grey, Bright Crimson and Black.

Get the Nike LeBron 12 on May 1st at 10 a.m. EST at

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Jordan Brand Classic: Luke Kennard Thu, 23 Apr 2015 15:26:57 +0000

As part of our Jordan Classic coverage, Finish Line polled 10 of the finest up-and-coming players in America about what it means to them to play in the game that bears Michael Jordan’s name, among other topics. Today, the spotlight belongs to Luke Kennard and Ivan Rabb.

Luke Kennard (@Luke_kennard10)

A local legend in Ohio, Kennard made national headlines when he passed a certain player by the name of LeBron James on the state’s all-time scoring list. Of course, that can happen when you score more than 40 points per game. The sharpshooting lefty most recently lit up the Nike Hoops Summit for 22 points, though he sat out the Jordan Classic with knee tendinitis. The No. 24 player on the ESPN 100, Kennard will play for the defending National Champion Blue Devils next year.

Picture by Bryan Horowitz

Picture by Bryan Horowitz

You’re probably a little sick of hearing about LeBron James by this point! It’s a great honor to pass him, though.

It was pretty cool! I didn’t really know how close I was during the game; I knew I needed 44 points or something like that to beat him. And there were some students keeping a countdown on a whiteboard, so I saw it every time I scored a basket, and it got down to two. I was like, ‘Oh gosh!’ So I hit a three, and the place went nuts. We just went to a little pizza place afterwards and had a good time with my friends and my family. So it was pretty cool.

You were the leading scorer for your team in the Hoop Summit. How was that experience?

We had a great coach, Eric Flannery, from St. Edwards, and he knew how to bring a team together in a short period of time. It’s not like we’re a whole high school team, a lot of those guys had never played together. So we connected, had great practices.

And then in the game, they gave me the ball and I hit some shots. Leading scorer for Team USA the past three years has been a Duke guy. Hopefully we can carry that on next year. It was a good time, I had fun.

I remember the spring before I went to Duke, I was really excited to watch the games knowing I was going to be there the following year. What was it like watching this championship run knowing you’re going to be a part of the program next year?

Oh man, it was unbelievable. Just knowing that I get to learn from those guys that have already been there and the coaches, it’s just really exciting. Duke’s a great place on and off the court, so whatever they throw at me, I’m ready to accomplish that.

You seem like a pretty laid-back guy, but I’m sure you want to show your best when you’re around so many other top players.

These are All-Star Games, so you kind of have to keep that in your head. Some guys just want to go and do some 1-on-1 stuff, but I like being a team player and just having a good time with that — scoring the ball, playing defense, rebounding.

What is it like playing in front of so many NBA scouts?

We had a practice one night (at Hoop Summit), it was a scrimmage at the Portland Trail Blazers’ facility, and it was just packed with NBA scouts. It’s a little nerve-wracking when you walk in there and they’re all just watching you! But I had some good practices and a good game there, so it was fun.

Speaking of it getting nerve wracking with people watching you, Michael Jordan usually watches this game. What does he mean to you?

He’s a role model to a lot of people, still to this day. I’ve seen highlights of him, and he’s the best player ever to play the game of basketball. You can learn a lot from him, so with him here, that’s awesome. I’d love to meet him. That’d be unbelievable.

What’s your favorite Air Jordan, if you have one?

Man … That’s a good question. I don’t know if I can pick! There are a lot of good ones.

** Stay tuned later today to get the scoop from Ivan Rabb and tomorrow to get the word from elite guards Dwayne Bacon (Florida State) and Eric Davis (Texas) as our coverage of the Jordan Brand Classic continues.

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King for a Day Fri, 17 Apr 2015 22:02:16 +0000

Photo by Bryan Horowitz

The 33-mile stretch between Hopkins International Airport and the Hampton Inn in Stow, Ohio, will probably never be described as the scenic route. As my wife and I drove our rented Kia Optima through the tangle of nondescript highways, we saw few buildings and zero people. The frigid temperature made our home state of New Jersey seem balmy, while the 11 a.m. late-January sky donned the same grayish pallor as the wintry sludge that lined the roads.

I looked at my wife and asked, only partly in jest, “Why in the world would LeBron James pick this over living on the water in Miami?” She shrugged, likely wondering why in the world I’d pushed for Cleveland over a winter vacation to, say, Mexico.

About seven hours later, we each had our answer.


Back in February 2003 in Trenton, N.J., a teenage LeBron James scored 52 points in a 32-minute high school game, punctuating his virtuoso performance with a banked-in halfcourt shot. If you look closely at the right baseline, you can see a 23-year-old aspiring sportswriter rapidly coming to the realization that he was watching a once-in-a-generation talent.

Photo by Bryan Horowitz

Photo by Bryan Horowitz

I had always regretted being just a little too young to experience Michael Jordan’s career from the very beginning. LeBron represented a unique opportunity to get in on the ground floor, to watch him grow and ascend while I attempted to do the same.

I bought his first sneaker — for $80! — to celebrate getting my first job in sports. I wore his seventh to meet my future wife’s parents for the first time. In between, I watched many of his prominent on-court moments on the night shift, beaming proudly as my coworkers slapped me on the back when he singlehandedly vanquished the Pistons. LeBron became a 6-foot-8 frame of reference, a headband-wearing milepost that tracked not just his progress, but my own.

I was particularly fascinated by what he meant for Cleveland. That place takes such a beating; it’s cold there, its sports teams literally never win anything and the city itself is considered a few steps up from Detroit but not a whole staircase. And yet, so long as they had their hometown golden boy, every night was a chalk-dusted celebration of good times with the possibility of better ones to come.

I’d always wanted to head out for a game and experience that for myself, but I kept putting it off until it was seemingly too late. When The Decision went down and Clevelanders burned their jerseys in trash cans, I thought that was a bit much, but I did get it. When you have something like that and you lose it — to superficial Miami, of all places, with its legions of fair-weather fans — sometimes your only recourse is to watch the world burn.

After four bleak years, the King rematerialized in Cleveland just as abruptly as he’d left in a classic “where-were-you-when” moment. A few months later, I decided to finally take the plunge, snapping up tickets to a game against the Hornets in January. The Candyman was back, and like everyone else, I was ready to make up for lost time.


I don’t attend many live sporting events anymore — it’s kind of expensive, and at 35, I mostly like watching games on my couch with a mug of tea and my dog. So it was a bit of a culture shock to walk into Quicken Loans Arena and be reminded that going to an NBA stadium was akin to attending a basketball-themed circus.


Photo by Bryan Horowitz

Walking through the concourse, we were confronted with an impromptu performance by the Cavaliers’ “Scream Team,” a popping-and-locking dance troupe. (The most spirited of the bunch was a gentleman by the name of Cyclonus.) There were cheerleaders and mascots roaming around taking pictures with people, carnival-type games, kids running everywhere and vendors hawking everything you could possibly stick a Cavs logo on.

Given the excellence and significance of the player we were about to watch, I had always anticipated a bit more of a reverential atmosphere, maybe like that old Bernie Mac ad, or MJ circa ’97.

But honestly, this just felt right. It was a Friday night, perfect for a family outing. And as awesome as LeBron is, if a kid’s going to beg to come back to a Cavs game, it would probably be primarily for the funnel cake and another hug from Moondog, though perhaps not one from whatever Sir CC was supposed to be.

Before the game began, our friends picked out two Cavs foam swords to bring home so their kids could safely and painlessly bludgeon each other. Personally, I spent a half hour perusing an assortment of LeBron James plush dolls and an amazingly extensive jersey selection. (Dellavedova! Mozgov!) I decided on this thing, which I actually intend to wear when it gets a little warmer, and settled in to watch the man of the hour.



Photo by Bryan Horowitz

As for the game itself, other than LeBron opting not to throw up the chalk and the Q selling the worst veggie dog in history, it was exactly what I’d always wanted and expected: A euphoric celebration of basketball genius.

With the Cavaliers steamrolling the flummoxed Hornets in the second quarter — the scoreboard cheekily called their 31-point lead “The Diff” — LeBron emphatically slammed home a halfcourt alley-oop from new teammate J.R. Smith. The Hornets called a time out while LeBron strutted, Smith pranced and even noted malcontent Kevin Love instinctively raised his arms skyward.

Having watched LeBron turn water into wine and gold yet again, the No. 23-clad crowd rose and exalted in deafening unison, while literal fire shot out of massive swords attached to the scoreboard. Wearing my LeBron high school football jersey, I high-fived and hugged my wife, whom I’d started dating literally a week before The Decision. Everything happens for a reason: It was great to experience this, much better to share it with someone.

On our way back to the hotel, we drove by the famous 10-story-high LeBron mural, back where it belonged on the side of the Sherwin-Williams headquarters. Even in a cold rain, there was just this feeling of warmth and vitality and light over Northeast Ohio that absolutely had not been there that morning.

No matter what happens in the playoffs this or any other year, the ability to evoke that feeling will be LeBron’s primary legacy. And having finally seen it in person after all these years, it’s everything he or we could have possibly hoped for.

Photo by Bryan Horowitz

Photo by Bryan Horowitz

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The Nike LeBron 12 Elite: Armed and Ready Fri, 10 Apr 2015 16:57:03 +0000 Click to view slideshow.

Before this season, no one could have imagined a burden larger for LeBron to carry Miami. Then, he went back home, and everything changed. Fast-forward to now, and the Cleveland Cavaliers are gearing up for the NBA postseason, a whole new animal.

LeBron has said himself that it will be tough to bring Cleveland a championship so early on, but he and his teammates are in prime position to do so. Plus, there’s no more fitting sneaker for LeBron to wear to try lifting up the Cavs than the intricately built Nike LeBron 12 Elite.

With a streamlined structure, this iteration of LeBron’s twelfth signature is raring to go for the playoffs. Gone is the durable Hyperposite material from the original, replaced with lockdown-providing vertical wings, while the ultra-supportive Megafuse upper and Flywire bands remain. Six independent Zoom units on the outsole allow LeBron to move from one direction to the next in no time.

And what’s a shoe for a King without a stellar color scheme? This one is decked out in a deep University Red, accentuated by the wings and lion lace-lock. A sure thing to be gleaming on the hardwood.

King James has his weapon of choice. Considering LeBron’s place among the NBA’s greats, the LeBron 12 Elite should be a no-brainer.

The Nike LeBron 12 Elite can be yours at 8am EST on Friday, April 17th at

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The 10 Best NBA Vines of the Week Fri, 03 Apr 2015 17:53:54 +0000 The NBA Season is in full force, and with so many great games each night, it’s tough to keep up with the best dunks, moves, and fails. A bus pass is killing our sneaker budget, let alone a league pass. Don’t fret boss, we got you. Check out The 10 Best NBA Vines of the Week.

Look out.

Never gets old.

Slo mo.

Get Up.

BG is tough

Westbrook is illin’…again.

DeAndre Jordan owning the paint again.

The connect.

Gerald Green is pretty good.

Show time.

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Nike Basketball “Easter” Pack Fri, 27 Mar 2015 17:57:07 +0000 Nike Easter Pack

Who remembers the Easter Sunday outfits that your parents used to dress you up in as a kid? There were a ton of pastels, and sometimes it seemed like they were trying to make us look like actual Easter eggs. So, historically speaking, Easter has always been one of those days when you can really show off from head to toe.

Nike Easter Pack

Back then, Nike didn’t release Easter-themed kicks like they do now, so this year you don’t have an excuse to not throw on some pastels to go with one of these signature pairs. Much like “Christmas Day” shoes, Easter editions have become a sought-after prize for sneakerheads, and this year we get to add another signature line to the mix.

Nike Easter Pack

Of course, we’ll get another Easter edition for the LeBron and KD lines, but now we can add the Kyrie 1s to our Easter basketball wishlist, too. Speaking of Easter baskets, these will all be available in boys’ youth sizes, so don’t forget to grab a pair for the special kid in your life so he can stunt on Easter alongside you.

Nike Easter Pack

The LeBron 12 comes in Aluminum Sunset Glow, Hot Lava and black. The Kyrie 1 colorway is a mix between Medium Berry, Metallic Silver, Hot Lava and Black. KD’s edition mixes Liquid Lime, Black, Vapor Green and Sunset Glow.

Get the Nike “Easter” Pack on April 2nd at 10AM EST at

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The 10 Best NBA Vines of the Week Fri, 27 Mar 2015 15:43:24 +0000 The NBA Season is in full force, and with so many great games each night, it’s tough to keep up with the best dunks, moves, and fails. A bus pass is killing our sneaker budget, let alone a league pass. Don’t fret boss, we got you. Check out The 10 Best NBA Vines of the Week.


BG are you with me?

DeAndre being DeAndre.


Brooklyn in the house.

Get out the way!

Dude makes it look too easy.

Good trade.

Of course Curry gets that.


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