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What makes the Armour39 so revolutionary?

After you have finished a workout, the Armour39 determines your WILLpower, a.k.a., how hard you really worked.

Under Armour’s Digital Support Manager, Sara Hester, says, “The CEO and founder Kevin Plank wanted a score for his workout, no matter what he did, that would allow him to compare from one workout to another. The product engineers took this inspiration to develop a scientific calculation.”

Based on a score between 0.0-10.0, the WILLpower algorithm combines how long you worked out, heart rate, what you did, height and weight, to compute an overall performance score. 

“The device is set apart from the traditional heart rate monitor because it captures every heartbeat, not just an average,” which is also the reasoning behind the development of a band versus a wristwatch. “It also contains an accelerometer that allows for it to capture your body position to give more accurate performance info.”

There’s no cheating yourself with this measurement system, plus it’s easy to use.

Strap the band across your chest, turn it on, and start your workout. The Armour39 module in the chest strap records up to 16 hours of workout data at a time and can store up to 30 days of information.

Once you download the app, the Armour39 auto-transmits workout data to your phone from up to 15 feet away via Bluetooth technology and can store information up to 180 days, so there’s no need to be glued to your phone.

Get the most accurate information and better dial into your workout routine with the Armour39.

Win the Armour39

That’s right, we’re giving away 5 Armour39s within the next 14 days – two the first week and three the second. How do you fitness lovers get your muscles on one? Answer this question in the comments section below: 

What would you add into your own personal algorithm to measure WILLpower?

Possible answers might include, “How great exercise makes me feel afterwards,” or “How hard I worked out the previous day.” We’re curious to know what it is. You have until December 18, 2013, at 10:00pm EST to enter. If your reply gets chosen, you’ll be doing more than just talking about WILLpower.

Official rules.

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Mache Custom Kicks Giveaway Mon, 03 Jun 2013 15:00:22 +0000 Creating custom designed kicks, or as we like to say, signature works of art, is Mache’s skill, his expertise, his passion. With shoes as his canvases, he fills the sneaker industry with color through his entrepreneurial company, Mache Custom Kicks. You couldn’t ask for a better guy to design a shoe-masterpiece. Lucky for Finish Line, we got Mache, himself, to create a custom pair of adidas Hardcourt Hi’s, and lucky for you, we’re giving them away.


Comment below with a link to an adidas apparel item, that you would hook with these custom Hardcourt Hi’s for a chance to win them.


Learn more about Mache and his customized Hardcourt Hi’s.

Tell us about the inspiration behind the design on the adidas Hardcourt Hi’s exclusive design for Finish Line?

When I started customs 10 years ago, it was all about self expression and all I did was handpaint customs, no airbrushing, and generally on all white sneakers. The hardcourt high took me back to that place, so I decided to go back to the ’90s style graffiti design against the stark white canvas. I liked how the colors popped against the contrast of the white. 

Walk us through the process of customizing these sneakers.

I know a lot of artists may do a photoshop mockup to see how to lay it on a shoe, I just take the theme and run with it. Customization is supposed to be a form of expression and what better way to express yourself than by just jumping in? There’s prep involved to get the shoe ready, and of course then there’s the artwork, then finally sealing the final product up for wear. That’s the abbreviated version!

How did you get started with designing Custom Kicks?

I was always into art and sneakers. Ten years ago, I read an article on custom sneakers and my competitive self said, “I can do that,” so down I went into my mom’s basement with some beat up sneakers and acrylic paint and went to town. In hindsight, they were pretty bad but over time I got better. That’s how I started. 

When did you realize this would become a successful business for you?

It’s a tough call, any time you leave the safety net of a nine to five to try to do anything on your own, its a risk. I just felt that the orders were piling up and it was time to devote my time and efforts on just that. I’m definitely happy I took that risk! 

What’s one collaboration you’ve done that made you realize you’ve made it big?

This past 12 months I’ve had the opportunity to work and build relationships with many notable artists and athletes. It would be hard to pick one, but the attention from the job I did with Lebron James definitely got me a lot of notoriety.

Who’s one athlete, artist, or celebrity you haven’t done a collaboration with yet that you really want to make happen?

I really consider each collaboration a blessing, over the years I’ve had a LOT of blessings. But one person I still want to work with is Jay-Z. Growing up listening to his music and also watching him turn his passion into a business that is profitable is inspirational to say the very least. I’d love to work with him and also just pick his brain about life and of course how he made it.

Official Rules.

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Giveaway: LOOK/SEE Hooked It Up With McFlys Tue, 21 May 2013 13:00:31 +0000 Big congrats to our lucky winner Jason S. on winning the McFlys and LOOK/SEE sunglasses. Have fun rocking them all sumer long!

If you consider yourself a sneakerhead, then you understand it’s not just about your kicks, it’s about making sure the rest of your look highlights the gold on your feet. No one understands this better than Kyle Yamaguchi, the Founder & CEO of LOOK/SEE, a sunglasses company that creates shades to pair with the best sneakers in the game. Learn about LOOK/SEE and then make sure to check out what they hooked us up with to give away!


Before you start thinking he’s just another guy trying to profit from the retro craze, you need to understand his background and passion for sneakers. Kyle spent over five years working at Nike creating some of the most sought-after limited edition and exclusive sneakers. He worked on products designed for their elite team including Kobe, LeBron, and Kevin Durant.  If you want to talk sneakers with Kyle, you better know what you’re talking about, because he sure does.

One might ask, why did he leave one of the best jobs on Earth to make sunglasses? Straight from Kyle himself, “I had one of the coolest jobs you could imagine. You could say it was a dream job. Now I’ve left that dream job and built on that experience to pursue a dream of my own…that’s what LOOK/SEE is all about. LOOK/SEE is a product of my professional experience coupled with my passion for bringing fun and energetic stories to life through the creation of beautiful products.”

Now that we understand the driving force behind LOOK/SEE, let’s dive deeper into the product. The brand is known for their collaborations such as with San Francisco based Artist Aaron De La Cruz, their GIJoe line, Sole Collector, and Michael Williams from the “Wire”.

Currently available at Finish Line are classics such as the L/S1 Cement/Cement-White sunglasses which pair well with not only Retros but with other Jordans including the latest shoe from CP3The L/S1 Grape colorway Sunglasses pair is the perfect compliment to the recent Retro 5 “Grapes” Collection as well as the Grape Flight Club 91s, and then there’s the signature L/S1 Bred Elephant print Sunglasses that pair well with any Jordan, especially the latest Spizike.

Check out the full collection of LOOK/SEE Sunglasses currently available at


Yeah, seriously. LOOK/SEE has generously hooked us up with a pair of size 9 Nike Hyperdunk Supreme 2015 “Marty McFly” sneakers and a fresh new pair of LOOK/SEE “Stealth/Cyan-Vivid Pink” sunglasses to give away. Released in July of 2008, there were a total of 350 pairs of McFlys made to celebrate the retail debut of the Hyperdunk. Needless to say, they sold out instantly and are extremely rare.

For your chance to win these sneaks and matching sunglasses, answer the question: “If you could get your hands on any past release to hook with a pair of LOOK/SEE Sunglasses, what release would it be?” with a comment below this post. You have until 10:00 pm EST on Friday, May 24 to enter. You’ll get an email from us if you’re the lucky winner. Good luck!

Official Rules.

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