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Ugly Sweater Wall Sit with @FitWithMeShelby

There are a lot of obviously awesome things about this time of year. But let's not forget about the greatness in pulling out that

With the weather getting colder, I have noticed more people are hitting up the gym. But when people aren't totally comfortable in this new arena,
Nike Roshe Run Hi Sneakerboot - @FitWithMeShelby

If you are following Finish Line on social, you have probably noticed a few familiar faces on the regular. Finish Line has teamed up

The holidays are always filled with food, family, friends, and fun. Buuut it’s easy to forget about fitness, and we tend to care more
Turkey Day Hangover Stretch with @FitWithMeShelby

The holidays are on their way, and that means friends, family and food. It’s super easy to get off track with your fitness goals,

The Nike Women’s Half Marathon feels so close I can practically taste the air and feel the hills. Even if you can’t make it

I am gearing up for the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in SF later this month. Along with 30,000 other lucky raffle winners, I'll be getting
14-Minute Workout

This year I've been lucky enough to get an entry into the Nike Women’s Half Marathon! The race is on October 20th and takes runners
Let's Get to the Point! 15-Minute Bootcamp - With @FitWithMeShelby

I have been waiting months now for worldwide phenomenon, the Tough Mudder, and tomorrow is the day! This 10-mile course is set up with 30+