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Calf (Gastrocnemius) Stretch @FitWithMeShelby

As we train for the Diva Dash, it only makes sense to think about the empowerment of women. I can’t help but think of Michelle

While you have probably seen a few kettlebells laying around your local gym, chances are you left them right there and went for the

Runnin’ of the Green is 9 days away. What does that mean? It’s almost time to get our race on! It also means it's
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As you know, Runnin’ of the Green is coming up to honor St. Patrick’s Day and raise awareness for Volunteers of America. We only have 2
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Train for the RACE. LOVE your body. GAIN by giving back to the community. Runnin’ of the Green is coming up in just over a month! For
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Train for the RACE. LOVE your body. GAIN by giving back to the community. Doing the same workout routine can get tedious and result in a

While you're attacking your New Years Resolution and making it last by shedding weight and building muscle, don't forget to exercise your brain. Last

With the weather warming up, it's about that time to change up your wardrobe. If you're trading your sweatshirts in for t-shirts, and your

What's the best type of workout? It's the one that you get while you don't even realize you are working out! If you have