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College Hoops: Love and Basketball

With the score of Monday’s Duke-Wisconsin championship game tied at halftime, I paced back and forth in my apartment. My wife had fallen asleep
College Hoops: The One in 38-1

The feeling during the waning moments of Wisconsin’s stunning win over 38-0 Kentucky felt wonderfully surreal, much like when the Giants and David Tyree’s
Notre Dame NCAA Tournament 2015

There are basically two very distinct segments of the NCAA Tournament. You have the rampant insanity of the first four days, when March Madness
College Hoops

https://twitter.com/dukeblueplanet/status/579752885224751104 When I called my dad on Sunday night, he answered, “So, did you call to rub it in?” Quite the contrary. Since I started as

I’ll always remember where I was when North Carolina State stunned East No. 1 seed Villanova on Saturday: Watching some guy make balloon animals

Don’t bother asking Utah Jazz rookie forward Rodney Hood how his bracket is doing, and it's not because he picked badly. “I haven’t really filled one

Photo: courtesy of Georgia State On the eve of March Madness, the New York Times decided that the college game was on its last
This Week in College Hoops: The Memory Remains

Photo: courtesy of ESPN Ten years ago this March, I made a 10-minute pilgrimage to Teaneck, N.J. -- home to my Hebrew school, the

MUST-SEE GAME SEC Tournament — Semifinals/Championship, Sat. and Sun., 12 p.m. ET, ESPN Photo: courtesy of @sportscenter Perhaps the greatest thing about watching prep and college