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Andre Agassi

Nike Air Tech Challenge II

If there's any tennis player that can be credited for bringing a little revolution to the appearance of tennis, it's Andre Agassi. The neon-tinged
Nike Air Tech Challenge II Hot Lava

There is no denying the classic and tradition of a white on white sneaker. It sometimes, gets no better. But as much as following
Nike Air Tech Challenge 2 “Kumquat”

The year was 1989 and there was a rebellious young American player making lots of noise in the game of tennis. Maybe it was
Nike Air Tech Challenge Hybrid

Sneakers, basketball and running are usually the sports that produce the most heat. It’s hard to compete with the running community or the superstars
Air Tech Challenge Huarache

Harken back to the days when Andre "The Punisher" Agassi was rockin' the flowing locks and allover tribal print was all the rage. Oh

Tennis shoes have always been a huge part of the sneaker game but the early '90s was one of the most important eras for