Finish Line » adidas Originals Finish Line's Blog Wed, 01 Jul 2015 21:42:24 +0000 en-US hourly 1 adidas Originals SL Loop Runner Wed, 16 Jul 2014 17:08:32 +0000 Adding to adidas’s impressive footwear line that absolutely blossomed this past year is the SL Loop. Reviving the decades old SL 72’ in a new, original way, the SL Loop arrives in two new colorways certain to catch your eye.

A fresh take on a traditional running style, the SL Loop combines nostalgia with the perfect blend of modern running silhouettes to deliver a lightweight, breathable lifestyle sneaker.

The Solar Red colorway envelopes the upper in a tie-dye type patterning, with hints of burnt orange and yellow crisscrossing throughout the textile upper. Accompanying the release is a Solar Green iteration, noticeably more vibrant compared to its red counterpart. Both of these clean color palettes can easily integrate into many different fits.

Each model makes use of an EVA midsole that provides for lightweight cushioning, along with a rubber outsole design for excellent traction for daily wear. And of course, the SL Loop features two loops for easy on and off, each of which are located at the tongue and heel area.

The adidas SL Loop in Solar Red and Solar Green are available now on

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Women’s adidas SL Loop Runner: Deconstructed Simplicity in Bold Color Tue, 15 Jul 2014 22:02:38 +0000 This year, adidas is back in a big way. With standout models like the ZX Flux, and old favorites like the Samoa in vivid new hues, adidas is solidifying their status as a go-to brand for casual everyday kicks. Making a style splash this season is the latest release from the legendary brand, the adidas Originals SL Loop Runner. With a unique look, minimal construction and bold print, this new model is bringing some summer heat to your wardrobe.

Borrowing design details from the 1972 adidas SL Trainer, the sneaker has a “super light” feel, thanks to the carved out midsole and mostly mesh upper. Add in suede overlays and accents and you’ve got a no-bulk, durable shoe that’s perfect for everyday wear. Consider it the equivalent of your favorite tee or tank—comfy, cute, and easy to just pull on and go!

While the SL Loop has a retro vibe, modern features give it a totally now feel. There’s the minimalistic design of course, but the heel and pull tab loops on the upper are what make this model a true standout in a sea full of average sneakers. Offered in a bold black and white zebra print with pops of pink and grey, this easygoing sneaker is a must for style-savvy ladies who value comfort too.

Scoop up your pair of Women’s adidas Originals SL Loop Runner Casual Shoes right now on

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Looping the Past and Present: Interview with adidas Originals Design Director Brian Foresta On the SL Loop Runner Tue, 01 Jul 2014 15:22:05 +0000 Interview by Zack Schlemmer (@FatShawnKemp)
Photos by Yulia Nidbalskaya (@TeamYulia)

If you’ve been paying any attention to sneaker releases in 2014, you’ve probably noticed that adidas Originals has been on a major roll this year. From re-released icons like the Top Ten and Stan Smith, to brand new retro-inspired models like the highly popular ZX Flux, the brand’s heritage department has many of the more stubborn sneaker heads out there finally paying attention to the Three Stripes. By all accounts, 2014 has been a monster year for adidas Originals—and we’re only halfway through it!

Showing no signs of slowing down, Originals keeps the hits coming with their latest all-new silhouette, the SL Loop Runner. Designed to be the perfect summer “chilling shoe”, the SL Loop takes elements from an adidas model out of the archives, the SL ’72, and reinterprets the brand’s “podium shoe” from the 1972 Munich Olympics for the modern age. To find out why and how the SL ‘72 was transformed into the SL Loop Runner, I caught up with  Design Director of adidas Originals, Brian Foresta, to get the full scoop on the inspiration and making of this summer’s hottest new silhouette.

Zack Schlemmer: The SL Loop’s most notable design characteristic is obviously the unique tear-away stripe “loops”. It’s really a great idea, and works so well as a play on the three stripes. It’s one of those things that‘s surprising that it hasn’t been done before. Can you talk about how you came up with the idea for those?

Brian Foresta: When I was working on the shoe with my team, we were talking about,  “How do you deconstruct the shoe as much as possible?” I’ve always felt like adi’s been fantastic in its simplicity, as a brand. Whether it’s the Stan Smith or the Superstar, we’re always really good at just simple, clean footwear. So we were pressing this idea of, basically, how you subtract details from the shoe, but still keep its essence there, and this whole idea of looping something back on the stripes. Then it also inspired the heel tab and the pull-tab on the top. So the stripe detail was the beginning of it, but then we took it to a full 360°, developing the details on the shoe. They’re (the heel tab and pull tab) also ultimately where the name came from.

ZS: So the name actually came from the pull-tabs then, rather than the Stripes?

BF: Well, the Stripes were the original idea, and we were like, “That’s really, really good, and how do we bring that to other areas of the shoe?” So the whole idea of taking things, looping them around, that’s where the whole “loop” naming convention came from.

adidas SL Loop Design Sketches

ZS: The SL Loop was inspired by the SL trainer. Do you want to talk about why you specifically chose that model?

BF: My team talked a lot about the idea of our “out of competition” or “chilling”, or “Olympic” shoes, and that was the first one. And so it kind of fits that profile of a shoe that’s just super comfortable and you can hang out in and also has kind of a history. “How can we celebrate that shoe—kind of work with the essence of the shoe instead of just taking details, trying to modernize the shoe?” So the idea of how you reinterpret the SL ‘72 and pay homage to it, but also leave room—like on the midfoot—to do something new, like with that Stripe detail. And the way that midsole (on the SL ’72) was kind of carved out, is the same thing you have happening on the SL Loop, where you have that kind of “decelerator” detail, that fin that comes off the back of the shoe. A lot of it was really how we took the essence of the SL ‘72. Because nobody knows if it’s the “Super Light” or if it was the “Sport Leisure”…there’s a lot of different stories on where that “SL” came from, but we took it as the Super Light. (We wanted to) just make it really light and a really comfortable sock construction that you can just spend all day in.

ZS: So you’re saying it’s a pretty loose interpretation of the SL trainer, but can you walk us through the overall process of going from the SL ’72 to the SL Loop?

BF: It all starts with the early sketching and the early mock-ups in our sample room. As we go through that—something like that T-Toe is such an iconic adidas detail from the past. Taking that and modernizing it so it has the loops and those sharp edges, it gives it that modern twist. So it went through a couple runs in our sample room so that we could get that toe to have a little more stance. For example, as we developed that t-toe, we wanted—instead of it sitting down, collapsed—we wanted it to stand up a little bit more and give the shoe more structure. And then we tried to get that sock construction so that it really does feel close to the foot and you don’t have to lace your shoes up—you can wear them any way you feel comfortable.

But a lot of it’s just working through those really fine details, and kind of giving it a nod to the past, honoring the SL ‘72, but definitely pushing it into the future.

adidas SL Loop Color Design Sketches

ZS: Was it always a design goal to keep the SL Loop at a lower price point at that $75 range, or did that just kind of happen with the simplicity of the design.

BF: At that price point for us, we really wanted the challenge there. You know, if you look at everything else in the market at that price, you have a lot of retro products. We wanted to do something that was new, but kind of has a little bit of a retro flavor. But also at $75, it’s just a great summer shoe, almost like a t-shirt for your foot. So it was always designed to be at that price point.

ZS: Were there any big challenges with the design? Like with the loops, was there a lot of different materials to get the right ones so it would be the right rigidity?

BF: Yeah, on the insides of those stripes, it’s single layer mesh, so it’s nice and breathable, but it’s also super tricky because the midfoot of most shoes are filled with tons of backer so that they have more structure to them. Same thing with the heel. When we wanted to make it more comfortable, we took out the heel counter, which then you have to make sure that bootie construction still holds the foot. But without that hard counter in there it just makes it nice and soft and collapsible, and those subtle things are tough because once you start taking all those backers out, that’s the stuff that makes a shoe stand up straight and not wrinkle. So the more you take them out, it’s always a fine balance to make it not look like it’s just going to flop over. So with the Loops, a lot if it was just working through the detail.

Some of the models have reflective backers on the loops, so once you turn them up you get a 3M reflective hit. Other ones have colors on them.  So now we’re basically selling the secondary material, because nobody’s used to looking at the back of the material. That idea of turning (the loops) out means we had to be kind of smart on finishing it that way. Also being able to get it onto your foot nice and easy with that sock construction—everybody loves it—but it’s also tricky to get it to fit just right.

adidas SL Loop Green

ZS: With the Solar Burst pack, what is that material used for the printed mesh?

BF: It’s basically a sandwich mesh with a hi-res sublimation print over it. And for the Solar Burst, we were looking at a bunch of different patterns, and at the time we were looking at tie-dye, so we were like, “How do we make it with a little more grit?” Because tie-dye can feel of the moment, so we made it kind of monochromatic so that the repeat wasn’t as obvious. But yeah, I really like that pattern. It’s going to be used on a bunch of apparel, as well.

ZS: OK cool, that was actually my next question: if you were involved with the color design, as well. So the Solar Burst was inspired by tie-dye, but a different take on it?

BF: Yeah, just like a grittier, monochromatic tie-dye. And yeah, my team worked on all the colorways and materials as well. That shoe takes (different) materials incredibly well. So we wanted to give the shoe a different character each time we colored it up just to show up much that model can take. And there are some really cool colorways coming up.

ZS: So there will be a lot more materials used on upcoming versions?

BF: Yeah. For example, there’s an actual SL ’72 original colorway. It just looks sick. It’s crazy to think that a modern shoe can play in that kind of heritage feel, and then it can take like, “Solar Burst” and suedes and other prints. In the same way we talk about the “t-shirt for your foot” thing, it’s like with graphic tees, they run a wide range (of possibilities), so we wanted to be able to do something that could take color print to the material and really celebrate it.

It was a super fun project to work on. Other shoes can get limiting pretty quickly, but the Loop, it’s amazing what it can do.

The adidas Originals SL Loop Runner is now available in multiple colors with more on the way to

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adidas Top Ten City Pack Tue, 29 Apr 2014 17:30:38 +0000 The adidas Top Ten City Pack kicks are representing some of the nation’s best cities! All you folks out there from Detroit, New York, L.A., and Miami, now is your time to shine in the latest from 3-Stripes.

Inspired by the adidas hoops shoes solely for the elite players back in ’79, these kicks have quickly escalated from performance sneaks to streetwear kicks. They blend together the perfect amount of flash, adidas Originals branding, and of course, comfort. Their mid-high top design looks perfect with dark skinny jeans, while the leather upper offers durability for long-last.

To support the launch of the Top Ten City Pack, adidas even ran a contest to find the best streetwear photographer out there to send to L.A. to capture all the hype in their next lookbook — congrats Sean Murray.

Whether you are trying to stunt ‘em for special nights out or these are your new dailies, you’re not leaving the house without swag anytime soon.

The adidas Top Ten City Pack are available now on

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Pro Talk: Dwight Howard, Jeremy Lin & Patrick Beverly Discuss Looking Like a Baller and Playoff Basketball Tue, 22 Apr 2014 18:58:10 +0000 The Houston Rockets are back to the playoffs for a second consecutive year but this year is different. Instead of squeezing into the last spot, Houston, with a new roster, is the 4th seed in the West. After catching up with some of the team, it’s apparent that their success is a direct result of the way the team gets along off the court. We talk shop with Dwight Howard, Jeremy Lin, Patrick Beverly, Omri Casspi and Donatas Motiejunas in our latest edition of Pro Talk with Team adidas. Find out what the playoffs mean to the team, whether or not it’s important to look like a baller on the court, traveling and going on safaris.


Dwight Howard, Jeremy Lin, Patrick Beverly, Omri Casspi, Donatas Motiej?nas

What are some of your biggest passions away from basketball?

Dwight Howard: My biggest passions away from basketball are playing video games. I love to do that. I sit at home all day and play Call of Duty. I like paintball and I love to travel. I think that’s one of the best things about being a professional athlete. We can travel around the world. That was my dream growing up, travel and see places. Go to the Eiffel Tower, go to China, try some food there and see how different it is from America. Stuff like that. I love it. For some reason, my passion is to sleep too. I like sleeping.

Patrick Beverly: You got a lot of passions, bro.

Dwight: I think that’s good!

Omri Casspi: He’s a passionate guy!

Donatas Motiej?nas (D-Mo): He’s Passionate!

Patrick: He asked you for one passion. You got like seven.

Dwight: Ok, what’s your passion then?

Patrick: My family.

Dwight: You’re passionate about your family?

Patrick: I’m very passionate about my family. Family oriented guy. Fam first.

Dwight: I thought we was your family? Why you treat us like outsiders?

D-Mo: Yeah, right now you don’t make us feel special.

Patrick: I don’t treat y’all like outsiders. I treat my family different then y’all.

Dwight: But you said we all family?

Patrick: You are family–

Dwight: I love you, though.

Patrick: I love you too, Dwight. What about you Lin-O?

Jeremy Lin: Family, faith, I like video games.

D-Mo: That’s three.

Patrick: There’s another one with three.

[Everyone laughs]

Dwight: So we can’t be passionate about more than one thing?

Patrick: You can limit your passions to one passion, bro. Not like 8 passions.

Dwight: I’m passionate about a lot of stuff!

Patrick: Traveling, video games, Call of Duty…

Dwight: I love to travel!

D-Mo: That’s like a subcategory passion.

Dwight: Anyway, what about you, Omri?

Omri: My passion is traveling the world, the ability to play basketball for 7-8 months and to go back home to Israel and be with my family, travel my country. And, enjoy my free time.

Dwight: See? Traveling is fun!

D-Mo: I’m a little different. I think all our passions are basketball. When I have free time in the summer I like to go fishing. It doesn’t matter if I catch something or not, I just like to sit down and relax. Especially in nature, to see the sun come up in the early morning when you wake up to fish.

Dwight: Let me find out he romantic!

Patrick: Reading The Notebook!

Dwight: “Baby, let’s watch the sun come up.”

[Everyone laughs]

D-Mo: It’s just a different feeling. For me, when you see how nature wakes up it’s nice.

Patrick: I like D-Mo’s better than everybody’s.

Dwight: Have you been on a safari?

D-Mo: No, I haven’t had a chance. I like to travel but the national teams, we play every year, every summer. European championships, we have to take one of the best three places to qualify for the Olympics. There’s a lot of competition for us so we’re practicing pretty much all summer.

Dwight: I’m pretty sure you would like safaris because you like to watch nature and all that stuff. You would love a safari.

D-Mo: You had a chance to do that?

Dwight: I’ve been on a couple. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever been on. You see all the different animals. You got the elephants, the zebras and the monkeys, and they’re like friends. So, they all hang out together. They’re all at the lake drinking together.

[Everyone laughs]

Dwight Howard, Jeremy Lin, Patrick Beverly,

Dwight: I’m serious!

Patrick: I’m not laughing at you. I’m laughing at…something else.

Dwight: Anyway, all these animals are chilling together. The zebras are like the lookout for everyone.

Omri: I think it would be fun to go to Africa and see that.

Dwight: Safari, it’s in their natural habitat.

Omri: How are they friends, though? How are zebras friends with tigers?

Dwight: Did I mention tigers? They’re not gonna eat each other, so they hang out together.

Jeremy: They like plants.

Dwight: I’m dead serious!

Patrick: What is this Jumanji, bro?

Dwight: I’ve been on a safari, so I know.

Patrick: I’ve never seen an elephant and a monkey chillin’ with each other.

D-Mo: What’s the next subject, we’re going too far with this.

Jeremy: He means coexist.

Dwight: You would never find a lion and a zebra next to each other but elephants and zebras and monkeys, they’re not going to eat each other so they can go to the same watering hole. I’ve seen it! I’m not gonna tell y’all something I haven’t seen before.

Patrick: Crazy stories.

Dwight: Crazy story. But anyway.

Dwight Howard, Jeremy Lin, Patrick Beverly, Team adidas for Finish Line

Let’s talk about style.

Jeremy: Can you talk about why you wear your arm sleeves?

Dwight: Yeah. That’s style right there. I wear my arm sleeves for style.

Patrick: So nothing is wrong with your arms?

Dwight: Ain’t nothing wrong with my arms. I just like wearing sleeves because they make my muscles pop out a little bit more.

[Everyone laughs]

Patrick: So you gotta have the look?

Dwight: It’s all about the look. You gotta have the look on court. If you don’t look like a baller…

Patrick: Then you’re not a baller.

Dwight: You’re not a baller.

Jeremy: Do I look like a baller?

Dwight: No.

[Everyone laughs]

Patrick: He a baller, though.

Dwight: He is a baller but he don’t have that baller look when he steps on the court.

[Everyone laughs]

Jeremy Lin wearing a Finish Line Exclusive adidas Crazy 8

Dwight Howard, Jeremy Lin, Patrick Beverly, Omri Casspi, Donatas Motiej?nas

Dwight Howard, Jeremy Lin, Patrick Beverly, adidas Howard, adidas Springblade, adidas Crazy 8

Dwight Howard, Jeremy Lin, Patrick Beverly, #teamadidas

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Pro Talk: Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson Talk Playoffs, Style and How Hardship Makes The Team Stronger Tue, 22 Apr 2014 18:41:44 +0000 adidas Originals is the quintessential brand when it comes to off-court style, and adidas Hoops is steadily moving up the ladder when it comes to on-court performance. We spent some time with Joakim Noah and Taj Gibson to discuss how the Chicago Bulls team has fought through adversity to make it to the playoffs, even without the former MVP, losing Derrick Rose to injury, NBA Playoffs, off-court style, and how their off-court friendships make the on-court teamwork that much stronger.

Check out the video recap and some of the questions from our conversation below.


How does your mindset differ in the post-season as opposed to the regular season?

Taj Gibson: Regular season is different because I feel like at times, you can blow a play and be like, ‘Don’t worry about it. We’ll get it back the next time.’ The Playoffs are so intense. Like if you mess up on defense, blow a play or take a play off, you go back to the huddle – basically, you don’t even want to go back to the huddle because you have guys yelling at you, screaming at you. Regular season, it’s like don’t worry about it and laugh it off. You already got Tibs in your head the whole time but come playoff time, he’s already steaming red. You got your teammates yelling at you. The city of Chicago, the fans are crazy. So, any kind of missed or blown anything, it’s taken to a whole other level.

Joakim Noah: For me, I think the intensity of the regular season and the playoffs. You can’t even compare the two. Sometimes in the regular season, you’re tired. We do a pretty good job of playing at a high level with our intensity in the regular season. I feel like in the regular season it’s forced. Compared to in the playoffs, you just wake up in the morning – you can’t even describe the feeling. You’re just ready to go. You don’t need no coffee. You don’t need no Red Bull. It’s natural. You can just feel the playoffs in the air. Especially here in Chicago, change of year, it starts getting nice outside. You don’t have to wear 8 coats. You don’t have to wear the long johns. The sun’s coming out. Spring in the air. NBA playoffs baby!

Taj Gibson and Joakim Noah Talk Playoffs

Taj Gibson: Just the fact that you about to eat a bowl of cereal knowing you get to foul someone really hard later in the day. That’s one of the best feelings. You think about it, it’s gonna be so intense. You think, ‘Man, I can’t wait ‘til later. They’re about to get my best!’ It’s the best feeling. There’s so much trash talking. But it’s so intense, because you want to have that last say so, of that last series or last play. It’s so much harder. They’re giving you their best, and you’re giving them your best. It’s the last man standing, and it’s the best feeling to beat somebody.

Taj Gibson and Joakim Noah Interview

Talk about the passion. Every moment, you guys both give it 110%. Even playing pool! Talk about how you feed off each other.

Noah: First of all, we’ve grown up together. Taj was drafted here. I was drafted here. I was here a year, two years before him. Before Taj came, there was a lot of hardship, and we’ve dealt with a lot of adversity together. We’re brothers. We’ve gone through a lot. That’s why when one of our brothers went down. When Derrick went down, with his injury, it was tough on our team. But it also showed us, we can’t take none of these moments for granted. You never know. All it takes is one injury and your season is over. I feel like when you go through things like that it makes you more passionate about what you do.

Taj: I just feel like it’s a blessing to be part of something so tremendous. Growing up, never really knowing the stakes. When you’re a kid you just watch the TV and see guys going – but the fact that you’re going through with guys you went through so much hardship with, so many ups and downs, so many nights with tears coming out of your eyes. The battle with them and overcoming is the best feeling. But it’s even better when you always know you have somebody that has your back. One day, when I’m out of this league, how much am I going to miss those guys having my back and going to battle with them every night?

Taj Gibson wearing the adidas Originals Top Ten

You guys have a lot of haters and a lot of naysayers. Losing Derrick for two seasons, how do you still guys kick people’s a** on a nightly basis?

Noah: First of all, to lose a player of Derrick’s caliber, and a brother for two years, that’s nothing easy. But to see how hard he works everyday. Everyday, on getting stronger and getting his knee strong, to one day come back and compete on the level that he is capable of playing. It’s special to see that everyday, to see that dedication that he has to his craft. I think it’s inspiring. To see somebody who was the youngest MVP not play but still do as much as he can to try and get back to the court. And I’ve never seen him exhale at any point.

For us, I think that if you would of told us at the beginning of the year that this would be the script, that we’d lose Derrick and we still have the feeling that we can beat anybody. All this hardship has made our team stronger. There are no guarantees in the playoffs but to have that feeling, that you can go into a game like, ‘I don’t care who you are. If you’re on some bull***t, we’re gonna win.’

That’s why I worked out this morning on my day off. I feel like the work that he put in, he got a lot better. If this guy is going in in the summer, bustin’ his a** and working out, I can’t be over here bullsh*****g.

Taj: These last two years have been tough. I feel like it’s rough because you get so close. Since I came into the league, Derrick has been one of those guys that always has my back, always talks to me on the bench, always has those words of encouragement. This past summer working out with him, running with him, and understanding what he’s going through with his knee, it’s crazy. The fact that he’s still going hard, still pushing me, and still pushing everybody on our team, with no let down.

The fact that all this stuff has happened and how we responded – if you would have told me we’d be in the playoffs at the seed we’re at­– we went from so publicized to everyone writing us off. Our bandwagon was empty! [Laughs]

Now it’s like, we don’t care who you are. We’re not scared of anybody. We’re gonna hold everyone on our team accountable. Everybody on our team is responsible. We work really hard. As long as I’m with my brothers, we’re gonna ride out together. That’s how you gotta have it. Nobody is scared. Everybody is just down for the cause. That’s what you need when you’re about to go on a journey. Tibs may yell at me, and I may hate him at times, but when he says he’s coaching me, I think about it at night, staring at the ceiling, like, ‘You guys are about to walk through the fire together. I feel like we did that all year. We walked through the fire, and we’re not done yet. However long we’ve gotta walk through the fire to get to that goal.

Speaking of that goal, how would it feel to win a championship?

Noah: I don’t even like talking about things like that.

Taj: Word, I don’t either.

Noah: I just know I can’t wait for that party. I want that party after the championship. Maaannn…

Taj Gibson and Joakim Noah - adidas Top Ten, adidas Boost

Let’s talk about style and music. What kind of music you guys listen to?

Noah: He only listen to Sade and stuff like that. Lover boy over here. Real lover boy! [Points at Taj]


Taj: You probably listen to bang, shoot ‘em up stuff.

Noah: Nah, I love Tupac. I love Biggie. I listen to a lot of hip hop. I listen to a lot of reggae too. I love reggae music. I think it just puts me in a good frame of mind. I think it’s so much more. It’s about your roots, culture, history. I listen to a lot of Bob Marley’s words, his music. I feel like it gives me strength. It makes me feel hungry, not food hungry. It makes me feel strong.

Taj: Before the game, I like to listen to old school R&B. I can’t really listen to too much rap. I’m already a hype player. I need certain things to calm me down because I’m too–

Noah: Instagram! He loves Instagram! He’s always on his Instagram! I don’t even know how to use Instagram. He’s on his Instagram everyday! How can you look at Instagram that much? Everyday! All day!

Taj: It calms me down.

Noah: How can I hang out with someone who is on there phone all day? Seventy minutes before the game, I’m like, ‘Let’s go Taj! Let’s get it!’

Taj: Chill.

Noah: What are you looking at?

Taj: It’s PG-13. [Laughs]

Noah: He said it’s Rated R. [Laughs]

Talk about your style away from the court. What’s your style like?

Taj: I wear a lot of Top Tens. I like the old school retro style. I just like being comfortable, really. I wear a lot of jogging suits. Knowing the NBA is so strict, I wear a lot of casual stuff, Shell Toes, the usual. More so Top Tens, but I try to be different because I don’t want Jimmy [Butler] and other guys copying what I’m wearing. Every time I come into the locker room, Joakim HATIN’ ON ME, though! [laughs]

Noah: I keep guys on edge. That’s what I do. Sometimes he’s gonna wear some crazy outfit. You know how guys in the NBA get. These young guys are getting a lot of money. You know what I’m saying? I gotta keep them on edge. They think they can do whatever they want.

For me, it’s all about comfort. A lot of my teammates are hatin’ on me because of how I dress. But, I really don’t care. For me, it’s all about comfort. And I’m not just saying this because I’m with adidas but, the Boost, the Boost, man. I think it’s gonna change everything. I’ve been wearing these for a year now. I can’t believe how good my feet feel. My feet feel so good. I think it’s the future of everything. When people know about this, I think it’s the best thing for shoes. Every time you put your foot down, it’s love. It’s love! I’m a big Boost guy.

Taj Gibson and Joakim Noah Shooting Pool

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Mother’s Day Gift Outfit Ideas – With @FitWithMeShelby Sat, 19 Apr 2014 13:29:11 +0000 Is saying I have the best mom in the world cliché? Well, I’m going to say it anyway, because in my eyes she is! This year is the last Mother’s Day before my mom heads across the country to Florida, so I have to make it extra special!  Here are a few ensembles I put together for her Mother’s Day surprise.

Outfit #1

Nike Comfort Sandals, Cropped Running Tights, and Studio by Capezio Vicenza Printed Tank

Nike Comfort Sandals: Since she will be by the beach, she is going to need some sandals. The memory foam will give the arch support her feet need, and the shock absorb tech will keep her knees happy!

Studio By Capezio Vienza Top: Mom is always expecting flowers for Mother’s Day, so rather than buy her real flowers that will die in a matter of days, I’m thinking some floral attire that will last!

Nike Epic Run Cropped Running Tights: These are some of my favorite leggings, and I know she will love them too! Even if she isn’t wearing them to exercise, they are thick enough to also wear as a pair of ultra-flattering black pants.

Outfit #2

adidas Originals leggings, Nike Club T-Shirt, New Balance 574

adidas Originals Graphic Leggings: I’m really into the idea of giving my mom floral-print wear rather than actual flowers, so I’m sticking with it. These abstract leggings fit the bill perfectly.

Nike Club Tie Top: This top is so versatile. Its moisture-wicking fabric makes it great for yoga class, but its elegant asymmetrical cut makes it worthy of a night out. She could even pull it off in the office.

New Balance 574: I have three words. Cute. Comfy. Pink!

Outfit #3

Nike Free 5.0, Studio by Capezio Modena Print Tank, Nike Epic Run Tights

Nike Free 5.0 2014: Every mom needs a cute pair shoes to motivate her for the gym! Nike Frees are super lightweight, and they come in plenty of colors to match your mom’s favs.

Studio by Capezio Modena Tank: My mom loves prints and lots of colors. With this top, she gets comfort as an added bonus! This tank has a racer back and self bra for added support in and out of the gym.

Nike Epic Run Cropped Tights: Again, these are versatile in or out of the gym and will match just about anything.

Outfits are cute and fun, and so is gift-giving. But in all honesty, my mom means the world to me, and deserves the world in return.

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Best Shoes of 2013: #7 – Bape x Undefeated x adidas Originals ZX 5000 Tue, 24 Dec 2013 16:55:23 +0000 Bape x Undefeated x adidas Originals ZX5000

What were your favorite shoes that came out in 2013? We asked all of our Sneak Geeks the same question. Based off each of their rankings, Finish Line has equated an official Best Shoes of 2013 countdown. Stay tuned throughout the month of December as we get closer to the #1 spot.

#7 Bape x Undefeated x adidas Originals ZX 5000

The Bape ZX5000s were originally slated to drop in 2012 (and they actually made my list last year…whoops), but regardless of the year, they’ll end up close to the top. Camo has been made its way onto so many shoes in 2013, but nobody understands how to use it better than Bape. adidas had a particularly strong 2013, but these stand alone as their best offering of the year.” – @AndyOliverWPG

#8 – ASICS x Ronnie Fieg GEL Lyte V “Volcano”

#9 – Air Jordan V “Doernbecher”

#10 – Air Jordan I “Black/Red”

#11 – Alfreds x ASICS Gel Lyte III

#12 - Nike Lunar FlyKnit Chukka

#13 – Air Jordan XX8 SE

#14 – Nike Air Python

#15 – Nike Free Flyknit

#16 – ASICS x Ronnie Fieg Gel Lyte III “East Coast Project”

#17 – Nike Zoom Flight Glove

#18 – Air Jordan I “Black Toe”

#19 – Ronnie Fieg x New Balance 1600 “Daytona”

#20 – Nike Inneva Woven

#21 – atmos x Nike Air Max 1

#22 – Air Jordan III “Fire Red”

#23 - ASICS Gel Lyte III “Urban Camo”

#24 – Nike Kobe VIII “Area 72?

#25 – Air Jordan 5 “Fear”

Let us know which was your most coveted pair of the year in the comments, and if you agree the picks.


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adidas Mutombo Fri, 13 Dec 2013 18:39:47 +0000 If you grew up in the early ’90s, this year probably had you happier than, well, Dikembe Mutombo blocking a shot. Especially, if you were a Denver Nuggets fan, where Dikembe Mutombo’s presence helped take the youngest team in the league from a basement-dweller to one of the most feared young teams in the NBA in a matter of just a couple of seasons.

For sneaker enthusiasts, Dikembe Mutombo was an even bigger deal than on the court. The adidas Mutombo represents an era of uniqueness that will never be seen again. There was never such detail put into a sneaker with specific intent on representing a player’s heritage. Mutombo’s African roots were the design inspiration for a sneaker that emodies the ’90s as much as Spike Lee, Malcom X snapbacks and Starter jackets.

Until recently, the adidas Mutombo had remained locked away in the adidas Originals vault, a legendary sneaker coveted by the old-timers and a mystery to up-and-coming sneaker enthusiasts. Tomorrow, the classic black and white colorway returns for the first time since 1993 with Congo-inspired detailing and ’90s style that is as fresh for 2014 as it was over two decades ago.



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adidas Originals: Unite Originality Thu, 25 Jul 2013 22:21:34 +0000

With brand ambassadors such as Katy Perry, B.o.B., Jeremy Scott, and Nicki Minaj, adidas Originals represent self-expression. Whether on the dance floor of a hip-hop show, the bright lights of the city, or your buddy’s basement house party.

So what makes the heart of the adidas Originals collection pump? It’s all about celebrating Originality, an edge…a fashion-forward attitude…a unique style.

Featuring bright colors, retro styles, and ’80s and ’90s-inspired designs, adidas Originals are all about the individual.

Be different. Be loud. Be hot. Be original.

Unite all Originals at

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