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10 Years of Free

10 Years of Free - 2014

Over the last six weeks, I have ran you through the past 10 Years of Free. We started with the Presto, went to the 5.0,
10 Years of Free - 4 Point 0

The Presto taught us that we could be minimal in a world of over protection. The Free 5.0 OG taught us that “less shoe,
10 Years of Free - 3 Point 0

We started with the Presto, went back to 2004 for the Free 5.0, came forward to 2014 for the 5.0 again, and here we
10 Years of Free

If less does in fact equal more, then what does less for ten years equal? In theory, we would just be running barefoot at

“Less shoe, more you!” – Vin Lananna  That quote would revolutionize the future of Nike Running. The concept is simple: the less between you and

It's hard to believe that what has become a staple in the footwear industry, Nike Free, is a decade old this spring. While it was