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Written by: Melissa Genove Training for a half marathon is a commitment.  Your weekend plans quickly start looking like carb loading dinners and long runs.

Every week, Finish Line brings you the Air Max heat our fans submit to us. This week, we saw a lot of people getting

The long, boring time of year is finally over. Very few people enjoy the months of the year where the only thing to watch is

It's Time to Shine... and PUMA is on board. With metallics making a fashion splash since spring, there's no question as to why we continue

Another Girls Air Jordan colorway is set to release this upcoming Saturday, and it will have the kids looking forward to more than just

When it comes to the sneaker world, the use of social media gives people the opportunity to flex with their latest pickup or show

Nearly 30 years after the first Air Jordan model released, there’s still no feeling like lacing up a fresh pair of MJ’s finest. Let’s

This week is slim on sneaker releases, but there are some good kicks for you to pick up. The week starts with the Rostarr