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adidas Top Ten Hi Royal Blue, White, Red

Did you know that back in the late '70s, the adidas Top Ten was worn by the top ten basketball players in the NBA (hence the
Nike Air Max 95

The Nike Air Max 95 needs no introduction in its own right. This classic sneaker sets itself apart from the get-go with a construction
Happy Air Max Monday! #AirMaxMondays

It's time for Finish Line's #AirMaxMondays weekly round up, where we scour Twitter and Instagram looking for those who show off their Nike Air
Justin Stone after finishing a race

The Bank of America Chicago Marathon is right around the corner! As one of the six World Major Marathons (among Boston, New York, London, Berlin,
Andy Arnold

The countdown began weeks ago, and the Nike Women's Half Marathon San Francisco is getting women nation-wide anxiously await the days and train their

It's the working people/students' favorite day of the week... oh yes, it's Fridayyy. So we'll keep this short and simple so there's one less thing
Nike Air Huarache Love/Hate Pack

Originally released in 1991, and designed by none other than our beloved man Tinker, the Nike Air Huaraches are making a comeback. HARD. And the "Love/Hate"
Nike Air Max 90 "Denim"

Your mouth is hanging open... It's cool we understand. But just to be clear: 1. The rumors on the Nike Air Max 90 "Denim" AKA