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No running shoe has hit the market and made as much noise as the adidas Boost in quite some time. When the Boost first was introduced, initial reports from adidas caused speculation from many runners because they claimed that the newly designed midsoles stored massive amounts of energy that released upon foot strike. In fact, they claimed that the Boost had a higher degree of energy return than any other running shoe on the market.

Many wondered if this outrageous claim could possibly be true. 

Well, adidas did do their research in fact, and RunnersWorld.com confirmed that the adidas Boost had a higher amount of energy return than all 800 models that they have tested to date.

Pretty impressive. They key to this energy return is in the approximately 2,500 tiny EVA foam capsules located in the midsole that absorb impact when the foot strikes down. The shoe does not release the energy until the foot starts to come up again. The result is an actual energy boost in each stride, that will not only propel you forward, but also provide a soft landing for less wear and tear on your joints.

The midsole isn’t the only thing that makes the adidas Boost an exceptional runner, because the upper of this model has been finely tuned as well. Welded synthetic overlays on the upper provide a seamless construction, and techfit is used for added stability and a personalized fit.

If you are looking for that one running shoe that will give you the edge to beat your personal bests, check out the adidas Boost available now on finishline.com.

Not surprisingly, athletes are often seen as somewhat superhuman in their stature and ability. For some, though, that wasn’t enough, as they went the extra mile as heroes on the battlefield as well by serving in the military. Check it out as we highlight and recognize a few athletes that served our country.

1. David Robinson, NBA

After 4 years at the Naval Academy, David Robinson served two years on submarines, which was quite a tall task for someone of his stature. After that tenure, he was given a release from active duty and subsequently entered the NBA Draft. The rest is history.

[Photo: Jerry Lai/Getty Images/Getty Images Sport]

2. Ted Williams, MLB

While Williams is a legend in Beantown, it’s often overlooked that he spent five years in the service flying fighter jets as a pilot and was a flight instructor during both World War II and the Korean War. Not to mention, this was during his time on the Boston Red Sox roster where he had an illustrious career that produced 521 home runs.

[Photo: Getty Images/Getty Images Sport]

3. Pat Tillman, NFL

Most, if not all, sport fans know of Tillman’s story, but it doesn’t make his inclusion any less impactful. As a solid player in his prime, Tillman left his role as a safety for the Arizona Cardinals to join the Army Rangers stationed in Afghanistan after the 9/11 attacks. Paying the ultimate price, Tillman lost his life in combat. He left as a legacy and as a reminder of the sacrifice that all soldiers embody.

[Photo: Chris Trotman/Getty Images/Getty Images Sport]


It’s almost summertime, which means finding fun things to do will become increasingly more easy, but finding the shoes to wear will become increasingly more hard. You have a stockpile of Jordans, Air Force 1s, and adidas Originals, but what do you have to wear to the lake, river, beach, boat, etc.?

If you are like us, you aren’t going to want to mess up any of your nice sneakers, but there are many options for great summertime shoes that can be washed very easily. In fact, there are shoes that you can wash as simply as you wash a shirt, by throwing them in the washing machine. So if you are looking for the perfect, wear anywhere, do anything summertime sneaker, here are few options for you.

1. Nike Roshe Run

Roshe Run

The Nike Roshe Run is not only one of the most popular shoes on the market, it’s also one of the most wearable. You can do just about anything in these kicks, and the best part is you will stay comfortable the entire time.

A cushioned EVA midsole sits underneath a highly breathable mesh upper, ensuring that your feet stay dry as possible as well as comfortable. The minimal design and durable materials allow for an easy wash in the washing machine, so you don’t have to tip-toe over and around mud holes or any other dirty obstacles that you may encounter.

2. Nike Flyknit Lunar2

Flyknit Lunar2

[Photo: courtesy of aubrymarie]

Like the Nike Roshe Run, the Nike Flyknit Lunar2 is one of those minimalist shoes that does not sacrifice comfort. A Lunarlon midsole ensures the most comfort in every step, and a seamless knitted upper will keep your feet from chaffing, with or without socks.

You can wear these bad boys just about anywhere, and even if you completely trash them during your summertime activities, a quick cycle in the wash will clean them right up. They are available in a variety of colorways, so you can choose a toned down one to match the majority of your closet, or choose a brightly colored one to stand out and make a statement.

3. Converse Chuck Taylors

Converse Chuck Taylor

[Photo: courtesy of Anna Bediones]

You already knew that the Converse Chuck Taylor Low was a summertime staple for their aesthetic appeals, but they are also one of the most functional summer shoes. The colorways offered in this shoe are endless, ensuring that there is at least one to fit your style and taste.

Keeping things classic with a canvas upper, this shoe is highly durable and won’t get ruined if they get wet or muddy. They too are also easy to clean and can be thrown in the washer, just make sure you throw them inside a pillow case first to keep the rubber soles from banging around too much on the sides of your machine.

What are some of your favorite summertime kicks?

For this edition of Style Icon, we have a seasoned female tennis star whose serve is just as mean as her fashion. She’s won 30 Grand Slam titles, and will go down in history as one of, if not thee, best female tennis player of all time. Serena Williams is known for her unmatched tennis skills, but many also know her for her unique and bold sense of style.

If there is one thing that stands out about Serena’s style, it’s that she is not afraid to do her own thing. Some people aren’t too keen on her fashion sense, but one thing’s for sure, she gets noticed wherever she goes. Whether it’s on the tennis court or on the red carpet, Serena always manages to cause a stir and make headlines for her bold outfit choices.

Skin tight black catsuits, all white trench coats, and denim skirts aren’t typically outfits you would expect to see worn during a tennis match, but Serena does not care one bit about being traditional. On the red carpet, Serena loves to show off her incredibly toned body, and she is never too shy to show a little leg, or a lot for that matter. Short skin tight dresses seem to be her go-to, and whatever she chooses to wear always compliments her athletic body.

Serena & Venus Williams Meet With Melbourne Renegades

[Photo: Graham Denholm/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images]

Serena Williams isn’t your typical Style Icon, but her bold outfit choices have certainly changed the way many look at fashion, particularly on the tennis court. She’s not afraid to do her own thing and show off her incredible athletic features, and she will continue to push the boundaries on and off the tennis court, and for that, Serena Williams is nothing less than a Style Icon.

Everybody’s got their favorite players that they like to believe can do no wrong. Unfortunately, social media outlets like Twitter have proven that some athletes are more unsavory than others. There are, however, still a multitude of athletes worth following. Here are a few. 

1. Aaron Rodgers – Green Bay Packers QB

A true fan of sports himself, Rodgers would otherwise be one of the guys, aside from the fact that he’s an All-Pro quarterback and has a Super Bowl ring. Obviously during the season, his tweetage might diminish, but when he has some downtime, he tends to give his followers a treat.

2. Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson – NFL WR


One does not simply change one’s last name to “Ochocinco” and proceed to be taken seriously. Chad Johnson is aware of this and therefore can be a bit careless with his tweets, to his followers enjoyment. 

3. Kevin Love – Minnesota Timberwolves Center


It can’t be easy being holed up in Minnesota, especially with the woes his team has experienced in recent years, but Love still manages to make the most of his time in the North Star State. 

4. Lolo Jones – Track & Field


One of the beauties of Twitter is the transparency and coming to the realization that some of our idols are actually human beings. Lolo never ceases to reveal her down-to-earthness as you can see from her candid tweets and frequent usage of the Vine app. 

5. Nick Swisher – New York Yankees


When you’re one of the biggest prancers in the major leagues, it often translates well when chronicling your daily escapades.

There’s no shortage of boring and mundane tweets, but as we’ve come to realize, that just comes with the territory that is Twitter. Who are some of your favorite athletes to follow?

The adidas Springblades are just as visually appealing as they are performance appealing. But don’t take our word for it, check out what sneaker enthusiasts nation-wide captured with their new ‘blades.


Check out all the adidas Springblades on finishline.com, grab yourself a pair, and snap your own cool photos. Don’t forget to tag us @FinishLine.

Probably one of the most talked about performance running shoes of the year so far is the Brooks Transcend. Brooks set out to redefine the way a running shoe can work, as it is caters to every type of runner by providing stability only when needed and enough cushion to appease both efficient and bigger runners.


For 2014, the Transcend will replace the Trance as their most cushioned shoe within the Brooks line up. The Transcend focuses more on the float side of the spectrum, where the Pure Project shoes focused more on the feel side.  

Tested Terrain

For my test run, I took the Transcend through city streets, neighborhoods, and the Boulder Creek Bike path to make sure I was putting it through the rigors of a typical urban runner.

Brooks Transcend

First Impression

It’s been fun watching the hype around this shoe. There have been many photos and videos of the “Space Shuttle” box with with automatic bay doors opening to reveal the shoes touted as “otherworldly”.

Right out of the box, you notice how different the Transcend is. Starting with the shape of the sole; a narrow, rounded heel toe provides a snug fit, then widening through the toes provides a more natural foot shape. The sole is flatter than traditional stability shoes and is designed with ideal pressure zones. The pressure zones distribute the stress of running, providing an adaptable float for each runner.

It weighs in at 12.5oz, a bit heavy for an everyday trainer, though it feels much lighter than that on your foot. I can also appreciate it’s subtle 8mm drop (measured from heel to toe), which means that it feels more natural for the mid-foot striker as well. 

Stability and Cushioning 

Although I did not immediately feel a big “a-ha” moment after heading out the door, I soon appreciated the subtleties the shoe offers. The new carbon guide rails on the outside of the shoe replace the standard posting found under the arch, and adds stability where needed. As a neutral runner, I didn’t notice it so much, but along with the rounded heel, it promises to help smooth out heel strike transitions.

The midsole is the true hero story here. Made of their Super DNA, it delivers 25% more than their BioMoGo DNA foam found in the Pure Project line. The Super DNA adjusts to body weight and force applied to it so that the ride adapts to runners of all body types.

Brooks Transcend


The upper is soft and plush, providing plenty of room in the toes for a natural stride while providing a stellar fit via the No-sew tunnels and integrated laces. I really like when a shoe feels comfortable from the moment I put it on.

Last thoughts

The Transcend hovers nicely as a hybrid between a “maximilist” shoe and the concepts honed by the minimalist movement. It will be a great choice for your daily running trainer–especially on those recovery days. Just one more way to #RunHappy.

The Brooks Transcend will be available February 1st on finishline.com.

Todd Straka is a regular contributor to BoulderRunning.com and the Examiner, is a competitive Master’s Runner, and loves running from the mile to the marathon with the Runners Roost team. Give Todd a follow on Twitter @BoulderRunner.

Smooth, light weight, ultra-plush…not phrases generally used to describe supportive running shoes. Brooks has found a way to defy the clunky, heavy, and stiff reputation of this shoe category with their debut of the Transcend.

Claiming to have a cushioning and support system that adapts to each runner’s specific needs, I was skeptical of what this shoe could offer a neutral runner. If I don’t need a lot of motion control, my initial questions was, Won’t this shoe be too much control for me? I couldn’t wait to put the hype to the test and see if the Brooks Transcend could perform for me!

Out of the box, it was exciting to see pink hotness before my eyes. Even if the shoe doesn’t work, at least I will look cute! In all seriousness though, the color of the shoes, along with their reflective accents, will allow cars to spot me coming at them before the sun rises. At first glance, I also noticed they had a ton of midsole cushioning, so I was surprised how light they felt while them tossing around.

With a smooth upper, free from heavy materials and plastic, the Transcend had a snug fit, giving my feet a secure feeling without much bulk. As soon as the shoes hit the ground, I noticed the wide platform and soft, but not too soft, cushioning.

Brooks Transcend

From road to trail, mountain to valley, I put the Transcend to the test in sun, sleet, rain, and snow. Very responsive cushioning kept my feet feeling great without sucking the energy out of my steps. The wide base of the shoe felt extremely stable, offering a large surface area for shock absorption.   This platform even performed well on rocky trails. Feeling agile and balanced in rough terrain is hard to accomplish with a high cushioned training shoe!

The Transcend features a smooth design on the outsole that doesn’t pick up rocks or mud. I don’t need anything weighing me down! As opposed to traditional medial posts, the Brooks’ new “guide rails” sit on top of the midsole foam to control your movement if you move too far from the way your body is expected to travel. This new technology left me feeling supported but not over-corrected.

As I continue to put these shoes to the test, they continue to exceed my expectations. The lightweight, soft cushioning keeps me coming back for more without fatigue or foot pain.  Constructed with the highest quality materials and newest design technology, this shoe has been made to make all runners run happy. Put the Brooks Transcend to the test yourself!

The Women’s Brooks Transcend will release February 1st on finishline.com.