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Nike Fingertrap Air Max – Snapshots Part 1

Nike continues to blur the lines of function and fashion with its updated version of the Chinese finger trap-inspired trainers. The Nike Fingertrap Max integrates the iconic Air Max cushioning for a smooth and comfortable ride, along with a woven upper for supreme breathability.

If the new design isn’t enough, how about the 3M hits on the upper so you can stunt on social media once the cameras flash? Check out these photos the Finish Line sneaker community has captured, and get your pair here.

Modern Notoriety:

“Comfort and quality is all there, and the visual appeal of the actual Fingertrap weave is stunning when the light smacks that 3M.” Read the full article at Modern Notoriety by Vince Sirico as he takes his Fingertrap’s around the city.

Nike Finger Trap Max -  Vince Sirico

Finger Trap Max - Vince Sirico

Nike Finger Trap Max - Vince Sirico


GTFan712 presents the Nike Fingertrap Max on his YT channel and Instagram.

Fingertrap Max

Fingertrap Max

Fingertrap Max

High Snobiety:

Fingertrap Max


Nike Fingertrap Air Max

Nike Fingertrap Air Max

Nike Fingertrap Air Max

Nike Fingertrap Air Max

Stay tuned for Nike Fingertrap Air Max – Snapshots Part 2, coming soon, featuring the likes of noephotos, uknowjaejung, and more.


  1. Erica Wood

    I really want these if they come in blue to go with my work uniform.

  2. Vontrell

    I just ordered the white and grey ones. What a nice shoe and the all white and green ones are nice also

  3. James Grumbles

    I really love my Airmax now im really going to shine on style and good looks and feeling confortable

  4. daniel hernandez

    me gusta mucha esta tenny

  5. Toby Sports

    Must have No Doubt about it on my Workouts!

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