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All Star Weekend: Stephen Curry Live Google Hangout Q&A and Shoot Around

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When it comes to the best players in the NBA, the conversation cannot be had without mentioning the Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry. This season Curry has put up career best numbers, including 24.5 points per game (5th in the NBA) and 9 assists per game (2nd in the NBA). Not to mention, Stephen grabs 4.5 rebounds per game as a shooting guard. Curry’s efforts have landed him a starting spot on the Western All Star team in New Orleans, as well as a number one ranking for all you fantasy basketball fans out there.

Speaking of fantasies, we’ve teamed up with Under Armour to bring Stephen Curry to the Oakwood Mall in New Orleans the Friday before the All Star game and you can win a chance to have a shoot around with Stephen. If you’re not in New Orleans, don’t worry, we’re also hosting an On Air Google Hangout live! We’ll have Jacques Slade hosting the Google Hangout live from New Orleans, along with sneaker enthusiasts Nightwing2303, YoAnty and TheRealTBlake, as well as Warriors World and BBall Breakdown online to discuss Stephen Curry and his Under Armour Anatomix Spawn.

Check out the details below.

What: Stephen Curry Autograph Signing, Q&A and Shoot Around

When: February 14th 6PM EST

Where: Oakwood Center, 197 Westbank Expressway, Gretna, LA 70053

If you’re planning on tuning in online, you can join us here on our blog or on our YouTube channel directly to ask Stephen Curry your own questions and you could be selected to win a digital autograph. Be sure to follow @FinishLine on Twitter for your chance to win and more info on the event as well as some Stephen Curry trivia. Prior to the Stephen Curry appearance, there will be a free throw shooting contest beginning at 3pm on Wednesday, February 12th. Stop by the Oakwood Mall for more information.

All Star Friday: Hangout with Stephen Curry, Under Armour and Finish Line


  1. […] Stephen Curry, one of my favorite players in the League and just happens to play for my home team (#DubNation) will be in attendance along with Jacques Slade, YoAnty, TBlake & myself. I won’t be at the even but I’ll be online live with everyone. If you want all the information then you must head over to the Finish Line Blog – HERE. […]

  2. You still have a lot of years to come in the NBA……….. How do you seek to improve your game, as well as given talent? Will you continue to be a Warrior, or would you like to be on different NBA teams??

  3. I am going to one of your games steph, I wanna know How I can get to your autograph. I am going april 11th, Ill give u more details if U see this

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