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Air Jordan Retro 11 “Gamma Blue”

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Each week we take you inside the shoe box, so you can have an exclusive 360° look at your favorite kicks. Packing in all the angles and close-ups possible in 6 seconds, this one’s purely for your viewing pleasure.

Sneak Inside: Air Jordan Retro 11 “Gamma Blue”

The GOAT is back and in a never-before-seen colorway. Designed by mastermind, Tinker Hatfield, and inspired by a ruggedly beautiful lawn mower, the 11s were created when MJ was first retired back in 1995. Tinker was determined to craft one of the best basketball sneakers ever, and most agree that he did. The Air Jordan 11s are the first basketball shoe to feature a carbon fiber plate and patent leather. Not to mention, it also boasts the coveted icy outsole and ballistic mesh, making it one of the fanciest kick to ever step on a court. Ask nicely this year, and maybe these will make their way from your Wish List to your feet.

Keep an eye out for what we bring out of the box next.


  1. How brainwashed are we to spend close to $200.00 on a shoe that probably cost under $5.00 to produce and ship to a store. If this does not reveal how brainwashed we truly are then nothing will. This is all about getting some ewws and awws from your friends because they also are brainwashed puppets. I can think of better things we should be spending our hard earned money on!

  2. this is so unfair I have been waiting since 5 AM this morning I went to buy the shoe at 8:00 AM and they put me on hold for 1 hour and nothing and I am a circle awards member

  3. I am an upset buyer who had the item in my cart, and all of my payment info entered. When I hit the proceed to checkout button @ 7:06 am this morning, it kept saying wait we are experiencing a lot of traffic, maybe you’ll have a pair when we come back. Waited for over an hour and it never came back.


  5. Why are you worried about if people want to spend their hard end money on them for. Stop stealing peoples holiday spirit. You don’t have to be a puppet to buy them. Regardless people will have the same pair on as others no matter what yoy have on your feet unless you get custom sneakers.

  6. Dumb azz negros always running to spend money on unnecessary bull. I bet you there was not one white person waiting to get those sneakers for their kids because they rather find the perfect college for them. I can’t stand my own people. We are do ignorant.

  7. Ordered the Jordans on 12/21/2013 early morning never received a tracking number or anything. Customer Service will not give me any information on my item. Passes to the maxx!!!! UNSATISIFIED CUSTOMER