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About the Armour39

What makes the Armour39 so revolutionary?

After you have finished a workout, the Armour39 determines your WILLpower, a.k.a., how hard you really worked.

Under Armour’s Digital Support Manager, Sara Hester, says, “The CEO and founder Kevin Plank wanted a score for his workout, no matter what he did, that would allow him to compare from one workout to another. The product engineers took this inspiration to develop a scientific calculation.”

Based on a score between 0.0-10.0, the WILLpower algorithm combines how long you worked out, heart rate, what you did, height and weight, to compute an overall performance score. 

“The device is set apart from the traditional heart rate monitor because it captures every heartbeat, not just an average,” which is also the reasoning behind the development of a band versus a wristwatch. “It also contains an accelerometer that allows for it to capture your body position to give more accurate performance info.”

There’s no cheating yourself with this measurement system, plus it’s easy to use.

Strap the band across your chest, turn it on, and start your workout. The Armour39 module in the chest strap records up to 16 hours of workout data at a time and can store up to 30 days of information.

Once you download the app, the Armour39 auto-transmits workout data to your phone from up to 15 feet away via Bluetooth technology and can store information up to 180 days, so there’s no need to be glued to your phone.

Get the most accurate information and better dial into your workout routine with the Armour39.

Win the Armour39

That’s right, we’re giving away 5 Armour39s within the next 14 days – two the first week and three the second. How do you fitness lovers get your muscles on one? Answer this question in the comments section below: 

What would you add into your own personal algorithm to measure WILLpower?

Possible answers might include, “How great exercise makes me feel afterwards,” or “How hard I worked out the previous day.” We’re curious to know what it is. You have until December 18, 2013, at 10:00pm EST to enter. If your reply gets chosen, you’ll be doing more than just talking about WILLpower.

Official rules.


  1. I WOULD actually like to measure how much I sit around because I know it’s actually way to much.

  2. I would multiply my total by the number of times I was ready to give up but fought through it to do one more rep.

  3. I’m actually returning to exercise after an injury and I think it would be great to see how my body responds to daily workouts.

  4. I would like to win this to see how my body responds during physical activities. Doing this will motivate me because if I am doing good already it will show me that I can do better

  5. Coming from 330lbs to 240lbs is a huge accomplishment, but I want to take it to the next level. I always go to failure and give my best in all my sessions, but I want to know if I am really giving it my all. Armour 39 is my answer.

  6. Would like to see what my heart rate shows when I am doing a maximum weight, per one rep, exercicise.

  7. What I use to measure my will power is looking back on my worst days and how I made it through the stuggles and how I’m not going to stop surpassing goals. Will power comes from your gut and your mind, and when both want to stop you push through.

  8. I use nike+ training and basketball a lot. It would be great to see how different UA Armour39 would be in terms of statistics. it is also going to help me beat my previous stats.

  9. I would reflect how far I have progressed just as much as I would reflect on my future goals.

  10. I’d like to measure what part of my workout regimen, weightlifting, cardio, plyometrics, or sports are giving me the most bang for my buck. I’d then like to set goals and track against them to motivate me to engage in those activities more frequently and with higher intensity.

  11. I would add an algorithm to measure the amount of weight I moved throughout my workout.

  12. How you are able to recover mentally just when you are tired and want to give up.

  13. Measure the body fluids lossed in my workout and how to replenish it. And also show what body part was used most in each workout.

  14. In order for me to determine and measure WILLpower I put in to my workout regime, I use my Nike Fuelband to help track and keep note of my calories burned not to mention I also keep note of ( by writing down ) my previous set weights / distance depending on the workout and I simply try and exceed that during the very next workout. But this UA technology is remarkable, with it being able to keep track of one’s very own heartrate, height, weight and workout all in one. This UnderArmour package would greatly help benefit myself on my workout, not to mention, it’ll also encourage me to workout more often as well.

    Thank you Finishline & UA for the opportunity to obtain one of these packages.

  15. Usually I work out before I play basketball. With this I would totally elevate my game to see how much more intensity I put in my game. Would be awesome to know the exact intensity and how hard I went in the paint and in the weight room. I personally feels so pumped after a great workout and seeing results just elevates it.

  16. Cheerleader.
    Well, I actually mean one of those down in your face, get me two more reps, come on you wuss, why don’t go crying to your mommy motivational workout voices.
    Armour39 right there pushing you on to do better than the day before, that is what I would want added to my WILLpower.

  17. At 12 years old I am a 2nd degrees black belt in Tae Kwon Do and I play basketball. I work out 4-6 times a week and really am trying to add muscle mass to my 5’7″ frame. Working hard on that 6 pack right now and I would love to find out what workouts are giving me the most bang for my buck! I am looking forward to a lifetime of healthy living, top physical shape and performance and Armour39 would help me achieve those goals!

  18. I want to know how hard I push myself daily during my workouts. I want to see how my basketball workouts effect me.

  19. To increase my WILLpower I would work through getting a PR each session, whether it’s a squat, bench or deadlift. On the conditioning days I would push myself so hard that I my body would beg me to stop, but I would keep on going.

  20. I’m currently in the process of becoming a D1 football player. I would love to know how much farther I. Can take my workout. Even when I feel like I’ve reached my potential, or plateaued I can see how much more I can strive forward!

  21. I would measure the amount fortitude it takes get your butt to the gym on a weekend.

  22. Can’t wait to see exactly what my 100% will power looks like. This will make me push myself that much harder to make sure I get absolutely 100% intensity out of every workout. Great product.

  23. Running an extra mile than my last workout. I’m trying to run a half marathon in the summer so this will help me figure out if I’m cheating myself or not!

  24. To measure WILLpower is to mentally and physically prepare myself to push myself to the limit.

  25. I’d add a ARMOUR39, and use it as a motivation tool to push myself more and more daily!

  26. I would add improvements in my effectiveness on the basketball court and my teams results to my personal algorithm to quantify my WILLpower

  27. For my personal WillPower would be How much time my muscles spend under stress from workout to workout vs what my peak output goal should be. Goals could be manually set or vs groups(friends list)

  28. I want to see how accurate the Armour 39 is. I would measure everything I do at the gym

  29. I would like the algorithm to measure the healthiness of my post work-out meal. Too often after a great workout I will lose some of my progress because I eat an unhealthy meal. To me this is as much part of my “WILLpower” as the workout itself….

  30. How hard I went my last workout vs the work out coming up … To be notified when I hit the intensity of the prior workout so I know that I got/performed better than yesterday

    A goal of mine everywhere be better than yesterday … One day you’ll be GREAT

  31. I would like to add something to my exercise that assures me I am working harder each day.Obviously one can sometimes feel if they had a great workout but if I had access to the Armour39, it could take my workout to the next level and give me more added motivation. Plus it is really cool!

  32. An algorithm that measures how much you don’t want to work out and an algorithm that measures how much you fight the fact that you don’t want to work out. But you have to grind everyday

  33. I’d love to see how I made it through those days were I felt the whole world was crumbling, but made it through anyway.

  34. I measure how good I feel when finished, but would love the challenge to outdo my previous workout!

  35. I would like to see how my mind set changes week by week after my workouts! I just had a baby and would like to get back to my “normal” weight again.

  36. To be able to pull up the same workout I completed previously, look at my WILLpower for that workout and do the workout again to beat my score!!! Talk about motivation and the WILL to Dig Deep and set new standards for yourself!

  37. My performance to see what areas I can improve in how well I’m workinh out how much exercise im really getting how many calories losing and what. Areas need more strengthening & how to make it better

  38. To really know when I am not performing at my best and to make sure that every single time I train, I will be extending my body to it’s limits…even on my absolute worse days.

  39. How much potential weight can be lost if I continue to workout with the results of the current workout.

  40. Great idea. I’d like an active or real time “ghost” feature that would tell you how your workout effort compares to your previous session. It could encourage you to “pick it up”, if you’re slacking as compared to your previous workout. Then again maybe a “goal set” so that it can motivate you to pick it up if your session is not meeting your goals.

  41. If the machine says I can go/push myself. Then ill keep pushing until it says I’ve used up or trained to my limit or about 90% because its bad if you over train your body

  42. What would you add into your own personal algorithm to measure WILLpower? When your body is racked and your mind says it’s time to give in, but in your heart you adapt and repeat.

  43. Would love to be able to know how well I am succeeding at pushing myself harder: this week versus last week; this month versus last month; this year versus last year.

  44. I would add in how effective my cooldown and recovery were, so I could optimize my preparation for the next workout.

  45. To see how much harder I need to push myself when I think I’m giving it my all already. A nice little suck it up and eat the pain-o-meter.

  46. Willpower to me is to keep pushing thru plateaus. Work hard and make what you used to think was impossible into your warmup. Whatever it takes to make yourself better than you were yesterday: extra reps, more weight, not giving in when that doubt creeps in… Crunch that into a number and that’s how I would measure willpower!

  47. I want to know if I pushed myself harder than the day before cause I want to go from consistent to persistent in persuit of a better overall performance.

  48. I would like this UA. 39 product because when i work out it energizes me it wipes out all of my anger and replaces it with pride but i don’t have anything to see what i am. I want this because i want to be the very best to whom i am. working out is needs this to make it better and see how good it is. id wear this every time im active even when im not. this is why i want the UA. 39 product.

  49. I would like to know how my recovery time and endurance levels are stacking up against previous workouts.

  50. I would love to see how much harder ive worked from my last workout, reach my goals, and give me a reason for why i am in the gym. #traininsaneorremainthesame !

  51. I would add a tracking system so you could go back and look at the previous week’s workout (i.e. Chest day, Back day, etc.) to ensure you are pushing yourself to get better every workout.

  52. I recently went to the cardiologist for some heart work and had some test ran and I WOULD LOVE to see how my body reacts and recovers from my intense football and basketball workouts.

  53. If I were to win if give this to the hardest working friend I know. He’s in the gym every day and has the WILLpower of a champion. He pushed me every time I go with him.

  54. To see how how far I’ve progressed from week to week, like BMI, Reps, and increases of weight in workout.

  55. I would like to figure out how long it takes to recover on specific workout days such as back, chest, legs etc. as well as if my intensity of my workouts are where I really want them to be.

  56. It will help measure calories and muscle output. I recently a heart condition. And I’ve been using stress machines and heart monitors. This would do all of these and ensure I get the max workout experience. So my military career can continue.

  57. A heart rate monitor is MANDATORY to have during training I cant tell you how many people DO NOT have one at the gym and wish they would. People ask me all the time why im checking the time on my watch not knowing im checking my heart rate to see if im pushing my hardest or slacking off!! This is my personal coach besides telling me my calories burn every workout and keeps track of my progress. I know I am not reaching my personal best just yet there is no such thing as PERFECTION just putting your heart in soul in every workout its a lifestyle its like breathing you cant live without it! Personally I weightrain heavy for a woman I know I can get up heavier weights just need a spotter to watch me or help me at times I have the DESIRE to give it that extra push but you have to be safe while you train as well. I train alone just me and my heart rate monitor and my headphones giving it BEASTMODE every workout. To all HEALTHY and STRONG 2014 everyone :)

  58. I would want to gauge my output vs proper form for each exercise see if the intensity is maintained throughout

  59. I would have it measure levels of lactic acid. Then I could see how much of a burn I felt and see how much harder I could go.

  60. I’d want it to measure the burn I feel during the workout. I want to feel as sore as possible so I get the best results.

  61. To see how hard I work when I believe I can do the set and when I don’t believe and see if it makes a difference

  62. Include multiple in your workout. Compete against each other. Be better than the guy next to you

  63. Measure how my performance is during practice so I can perform better during game time

  64. something to let me know how many calories I should have after my workout. to keep my current weight or to cut weight

  65. There are some things that people have that make them who they are. Why some stand out more than others. Determination is one of those qualities. I would like to see if there was a way to measure that. A winner is an ordinary person with extraordinary determination.

  66. I would like to measure the flexibility and strength I gained. I was in a major car accident in August and I am still trying to physically recover from the after effects my two month coma. It would be very encouraging to know exactly how each workout affected my overall level of flexibility, strength, and fitness.

  67. I go back and forth on how hard I work out. I let the will to stay in bed instead of working out control my decision. Even though I feel better on days I work out, actually seeing results with numbers would be motivational. It’s easy to not work out when you don’t see immediate results with your body. I need real time results and real time numbers to encourage me to get off my ass. The best result will come with time after that when you can see the changes in your body. MOTIVATION!!!!

  68. I would measure the intensity of my workouts and compare them by time of day to truly figure out at what time I perform at my peak.

  69. I want to see when I am working out my hardest and when I can improve my performance. I do a lot of crossfit workouts and I want to see how I am doing every workout. I sometimes take breaks throughout my crossfit workouts and I believe I can push myself even harder to get better results. I would like to see how hard I am pushing myself on my good days and bad days.

  70. It should contain an initial workout of will to measure your willpower. After each workout it matches to ur initial will power to see if you beat your previous score so u can keep improving

  71. I would like to have the monitor detect and warm when I have over-extended and reached the point of risking cardiac arrest.
    Then, I could maximize my workouts by going to my safe limit instead of quitting too soon through fear of harming myself.

  72. This device would easily help me become the athlete i’m working hard to become. Also, a great feature would be measuring the amount of perspiration and maintained body temperature.

  73. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    This device would easily help me become the athlete i’m working hard to become. Also, a great feature would be measuring the amount of perspiration and maintained body temperature. Also it’s my 20th birthday today :)

  74. I would measure how much longer I continued after every fiber of my body wanted to quit.

  75. I would use this to see if can squeeze more out of my track races. I have worked hard to prepare my races, but I want to find out if I can surpass even those limits which seem impossible to me now, by applying more effort and focus.

  76. How my workouts measure against other users (for example, other males within a 5 year radius of my age).

  77. I would like to be able measure the total amount of weight I lifted each set of an exercise. So enter my starting weight on bench and then enter the number reps I did and time it took that set. Then move up in weight and repeat.

  78. It would be cool if your mood could be measured after each workout. While there are some workouts after which you feel miserable, there are also some workouts after which you feel amazing – a sign of real motivation!

  79. It would help me continue losing all the weight I have put on from stress! Working out always puts me in a better mood. Buying a house also so this would be a nice house warming gift!

  80. I would add an intensity measurement to see if I push harder at the end knowing that I am almost finished or if I am equally putting in work throughout the workout.

  81. Willpower is mental so I would have to add if I felt like working out that day or not to compare my actual output to see if I had the willpower to overcome the urge to quit.

  82. I would add measurements to negatively affect my WILLpower: number of times I hit snooze in the morning before a workout, number of times I say I need to go to the gym but don’t actually go, number of times I say I’m too tired or too busy to workout, etc. Goal is to eventually remove the negative energy and find a way to stay active all the time.

  83. I’d add total time spent between my target and max heart rates to my own personal WILLpower algorithm. Training doesn’t begin until you’re tired!

  84. That feeling of standing victorious on any chosen field of battle, knowing that none can stand in my way. That feeling of crushing PR after PR, constantly overcoming every obstacle they said couldn’t be conquered. Knowing that my training will be providing valuable, accurate feedback. Knowing that just like those weights, the Armour39 doesn’t lie. So that I can dig deeper than ever before to become the X-factor. I will.

  85. I never feel like Im pushing myself unless i can measure against my previous day or previous similar workout. I rotate my focus daily so sometimes i lose sight of my goal on a particular day….whether it be Heart Rate, Calories burned, or simply level of fatigue.

  86. I would add either a temperature or sweat measurement, will power is putting the effort in even in cold temperatures and measured in sweat lost

  87. I would like it to measure and compare how closer you’re getting to goals. I.E. distance, speed, weight loss.

  88. I would love to use this system, I have struggled with weight over the last two years and this system is something I can see really helping me push myself to beat previous workouts and help get my weight under control.

  89. I would love to use this system to help monitor my workouts and help me gain strength and endurance in a controlled environment.

  90. I would add the element of motivation…..because my high blood pressure and type II diabetes has yet to motivate me to increase physical output. My algorithm would be complete!!

  91. I would add a bonus for how many days in a row I trained or double points for two-a-days.

  92. I would use it for walking workouts. I cannot do ANY other kind of workout. My arthritis kills me after 10000 steps or so, but I have pushed to 17000. I know I could joke and say by how many arm curls I do with a beer bottle but I don’t drink anymore and haven’t for a long long time.

  93. I’d like to know what my vitals look like when my body wants me to quit, but my mind is telling me one more rep, one more step, or one more mile. This would help me find my exact breaking point and crush it.

  94. I would like to know how hard I pushed myself. I always feel like I have more in me after but not during my workouts. Coaches always say you can push more, but if I had evidence showing that I had more in me than there is no excuses and time for me to work harder.

  95. To see how I’m performing. This device has the potential to keep me on track of my workouts and staying focus to achieve my fitness goals. The Under Armour 39 will help me keep a healthy lifestyle.

  96. Will power is not how many you do, it is how many more you do. In my final set, my “WillPower” set, I plan on 15, then do 2 more, suck it up for 1 more, then one more, bring it, dig deep, one more. At the breaking point, final one and one more. That is my measure, that is my drive, bring it.

  97. I would put the average time spent continuously moving. It would work nicely with everything else.

  98. I would like to see the momentum of my workouts increasing each week and have an alogorithm challenge me out right when it knows I reached a plateau and push me towards greatness.

  99. I Would put my personal goals into my algorithm so that I could see my progress toward them and then shoot for a higher goal, upping the ante each time I even got close to or achieved a previous goal.

  100. I would add a mental algorithm to the equation. A measurement that provides an answer wether I truly could of continued to press my body or made the correct decision to cool down and stop. Pushing yourself can also have implications, knowing how to read your body would be an awesome algorithm.

  101. will get a couple more for friends and family to take our games and workouts to another level. can a single phone track multiple bands?

  102. I would want to take advantage of the heartbeat monitor and accelerometer during the workout. For a general workout (cardio) or specific workout routine (insanity) the device should notify me when I need to push harder or hold back. The device could easily calculate target and max heart rate for a given activity type and use the accelerometer to gauge average/interval intensity. You could add a simple visual or audible indicator to help you work out right

  103. I’m 14 years old and my dream has always been to play football in the NFL (National Football League) everyone says I’m to small to compete at a higher level because i can barely keep up at this one (freshman in high school) but I’m still working at it and can already bench an impressive 140 pound max through weight training at my high school. I consider myself on of those people who works extremely hard to get what they want and won’t settle for anything less, I look forward to working out vs the average american who dreads even getting off of their TV to go get some fresh air every once in a while. I would love to have one of these Under Armour Armour39’s to enhance my overall workout and to show me how much i have really worked vs how much i THOUGHT i had worked. I love sports, working out, physical activity, and especially hard work, i truly hope this entry gets selected and i will be able challenge myself even more over the course of my daly workout

  104. The body is a un-sculpted mass of muscle with out structure. Structure brings that mass of muscle to a work of art.

  105. The body is an un-sculpted mass of muscle with out structure. Structure brings that mass of muscle to a work of art.

  106. I believe in Bold Dreams, Hard Work, and Raw Confidence the mantra my college track coach instilled in me. At the age of 29 I still train and coach with that mantra today. I currently use a Wal Mart heart rate monitor to calculate how fit I am based on how long it takes me to recover from a set or interval. I would use UA Armour39 in the same fashion if I won, I would also use it as an example to my athletes that you are never to old to train hard, train smart, and train with passion.

  107. I always want to improve, so being able to measure how much better I can be doing will only motivate me more. Everyday is another opportunity to improve, and this would greatly help.

  108. I would like to measure everything and take myself to the next level. Dropping from 13% body fat to 9% body fat. You see my last name is WILLiams. #WillPower #WillStrong

  109. I want to give this to my sister who is a collegiate basketball player so she can see how hard she actually works during practice. She puts in a tremendous amount of work and I want to show her the proof.

  110. I’ve heard that when your mind says to your body it’s time to give up, there’s still 20% left in your body that’s able to keep going. I would use the ua39 to push that extra 20% and help me know how much that 20% truly is.

  111. To test my will power I increase my running to an extra set of bleachers and a extra lap around the track everyday and, time my self to beat the day before score.

  112. I would like to measure speed as well as explosion on vertical leaps when I play basketball.

  113. I will start with day one at a normal pace. Then opt to crush each day until results are doubled then tripled and so forth.

  114. Ability to compare anonymously with others of similar weight, height and age. Compare workload averages and increase in performance to others as well as to your own improvement.

  115. Whether I’m trying my hardest every single day, trying to better myself so I can get the opportunity to help others.

  116. “What would you add into your own personal algorithm to measure WILLpower?”

    Did I outlast the other guy? At the end of the 5 rounds, was I gasping or could I hold my head up high? Did I see “I quit” in his eyes when we were on the mat? Embrace the grind!

  117. I got lazy in life and got fat- and woke up- and am losing weight but would love to balance it out- and do it properly

  118. I would like to measure whether my max rep was a physical quit or mental. could i have done more or did i think i had done all i could do.

  119. I wanna know how hard I’m working every day. Every workout is a pr for me right now and I wanna see just how much more I can give, even when, in my mind, I’m giving 100%

  120. I am 14 and a young baseball player and love working hard (as weird as that seems) and would love to get my hands on some of this UA gear to enhance my overall workout

  121. Love to track down my recovery and see how intense I work out !!! This look very interesting!! Would love to have it.

  122. What I would add to my own personal algorithm to measure my WILLpower is; how much my stamina increases in my sexual life.

  123. I would add the ability to see what you SHOULDNT do, not what you SHOULD do. One of the most important things about trying to reach your goals is not what exercises you should be doing, or being able to withstand the pain (although that is also important) its having the ability to have the WILLpower to stay away from the things you SHOULDN’T be doing, and saying no to what you WANT to do, rather than what you should. Having the ability to say no to over eating/eating unhealthily, and excessive sleeping/lying around all day, (instead of getting up and going to the gym) is critical to the physique building/body sculpting process. Some people think you only get abs in the gym. Truth is, its also in the kitchen. By having the WILLpower not to indulge, and instead, to eat healthy, you make going to the gym, that much more effective on your body. It is my dream someday to play in the NBA, and, with Under Armour39, hopefully, ill be able to reach all of my goals. Eating healthy and working out, have become a life style, thanks to under armour. When I was younger, I was very fat. But, when I got a under armour hoodie for my birthday, I knew I had to start working out and slimming down (mostly cause until I did, I wouldn’t be able to fit into the sweater. And I thought it was pretty dope) Under Armour started me on my path to greatness, and ever since then, I’ve been doing my best to continue on that path, and to reach my full potential. I would also like to inspire others to reach THEIR full potential as well. That’s why if I win Under Armour39, I will share it with my best friend Joseph, who at this moment, is struggling in his ventures to lose weight. He is woefully out of shape. But with your help, I would like to prod him to shed the pounds that are slowing him down, and to encourage him to live the life he was meant to live. Thank you Under Armour, for saving my life, and if I win, the lives of my loved ones.

  124. Fitness is everything to me. I work out with a passion and go hard at everything I do. I have been a Under Armour supporter ever since I was old enough to run. I’m 16 and my dream has always been to one day, play in the NBA. People always say I’m “too small to do this” “too small to do that” but that’s alright with me. Because the best feeling in the world, is proving people wrong. I value hard work, work ethic, and WILLpower. The WILLpower to always go hard and to never give up. The WILLpower to remember, that the only person I compete with, is the one I see in the mirror, every single day. Every day is an opportunity for me to get better, to come FARTHER, and to push HARDER then ever before. My favorite saying (also the lock screen of my ipod) is: You don’t get what you WISH for. You get what you WORK for. I take that one especially to heart because, there was a time, when I was out of shape. I used to look at myself in the mirror and pray to God to take my weight away. I didn’t understand why he wouldn’t. I thought, “doesn’t he want me to be happy?” then one day I understood. God wont do this for me, because he wants what is BEST for me. He knows that if I stop WISHING, and start WORKING, I will gain many things, not just a better body. Stamina, discipline, work ethic, respect, the lifestyle to work hard and never give up, and so much more. (Plus if I didn’t work out to lose the weight for myself, I never would have had the satisfaction of watching the pounds disappear, and soon, I would have most likely gained the weight back) When I realized all this, I became obsessed with working out. Pushups, running, dumbells, and anything that would help. I’ve been buying Under Armour for years, but not until his point had I had a fire inside me. BURNING to be let out through exercise. The first thing I did was to put on my under armour hoodie and go for a run (it honestly didn’t matter that it was 10 o’clock at night, hailing, and there were 12 inches of snow on the ground. That was the first time in my life that I was motivated, and I was never looking back) Under Armour has shaped my life in so many ways, and I would not be where I am now, if not for them. I would LOVE it if I won Under Armour39, because I NEED to not only continue on my path and to realize my OWN true potential. I would also like to encourage OTHER kids to be more active, and to help THEM reach their full potential. Regardless on if I win or not, I will continue to work hard, and to never give up on my dreams of being in the NBA, or any dream I’ve ever had. That has been my motto from the beginning, and that is what I believe, is the character of which true champions are made. Thank you Under Armour, for your support and guidance in helping me achieve my dreams.

  125. I measure my own WILLpower based on how hard I work, not how well I perform. A practical addition to the UA Armour39 system is giving it the ability to normalize your performance based on your vitals. What that means is, sometimes you’re not feeling 100%, but you worked harder than you did while you were feeling optimal! You might not have performed better but you definitely worked harder. Now THAT’s WILLpower! Armour39 should spend a few pre-workout seconds understanding where your body currently stands in terms of vitals (feeling a little sick or off), then compare how hard you work based on a normalized denominator!

  126. the amount of “intensity” i need to improve performance week to week, is what I would into my personal equation.

  127. I want to measure how hard I have to work every single day to gain that 15 pounds of muscle I’ve wanted since well, forever.

  128. making sure i put everything i have into my workout so i can finish feeling staisfied. Competition is always creeping up behind you, so this will help make sure I put all my effort to stay on top. Others may use more weight, but this will make sure no one outworks me. There is a saying, “hard work beats talent when talent doesnt work hard” and this new technology will truly reveal this.

  129. People like easy to read, quantitative results that show their workout progress. Setting goals is something many products already do. To set underarmour apart from others would be to tell the person/user what they could do differently (*give quantitative amounts* : more reps, more weight, longer workout, higher BPM, further distance, less waiting for next workout/lift) for their next workout to get to the next level based on the results of their previous workout.

  130. I would love know that I am giving 110% during my workouts on a daily basis, thnking and knowing are 2 different things, that kind of feedback would be amazing.

  131. Hey My name is Joe and I am a dedicated and underestimated High school athlete, people are always telling me that i should join chess club or to go do my homework instead of being in the weight room working my A** off with the rest of the group of student athletes. I may not have the talent some of the other players on my ball team have, i may not be the fastest guy out there, and i might not be able to out bench many of my opponents, and I’m not even the smartest kid on the field most of the time, but i can garuntee you this, I will out work you ANY day of the week. Maybe i won’t play sports in college or be honored with many sporting awards here in high school but i will earn your respect if it means being in the weight room 12 hours a day, or running stairs until my legs go numb. I don’t care what it takes, I am determined to be the best possible athlete and enjoy what little time i have left in my athletic career, I will work myself until I can’t anymore and am determined to maintane prime physical condition. I love under armor and what they bring to the table gear wise, I’ve purchased cold gear, heat gear, basketball kicks, you name it. I love their use of technology in the new Armour39 and would love to be able to use it to enhance my overall work efficiency and better understand my workout.

  132. I love the burn in my body after i know that i have worked my tail of, i love being sore, i love knowing that my body truly is working BEYOND its normal limits, i love knowing that i am getting better every day, i love winning, but i hate the pain of losing more than i love the glory of victory

  133. I love feeling more explosive when I play basketball and it makes me want to go even harder to see how close I can get to be on par with fitness and strength wise with a professional athlete, it just makes me get more intense.

  134. I would use the Armour39 to help me measure my performance in my daily workouts. I often get discouraged, and when I do, I slack on my workout. This causes my back issues developed in Iraq to act up. The Marine Corps taught me to strive to make myself better. With the Armour39, I can make strides toward this and strengthen myself.

  135. I would add something to the algorithm that would measure the body’s current physical and mental state. For example my legs are sore and I have a cold but there is no way I’m missing this tough mudder run. It would use these factors in determining how much will power was actually used in relation to the body’s current state. Your body can only conquer what the mind embraces.

  136. I would like to track and trend versus similar workouts for a true comparison of improvement and output potential. For example an 8 mile loop that I run in my neighborhood versus that same loop other days. Or, to compare intensity of seemingly similar workouts, like the 90 minute kickboxing class versus the same class another day that might be comprised of different elements from another day. Or, a certain distance run versus the same distance with elevation involved. Would be fun!

  137. Would like to see calories in vs out, recovery rates between sets, and goal tracker for workouts or total goal (weight loss or heart rate range during a workout).

  138. I would add determination and motivation to measure my WILLpower so I could go above and beyond my last workout. It would allow me to add progression to my daily workout and not stay at the same level for too long. This would allow me to achieve my personal goals more quickly.

  139. After my workout I would like to see my WILLpower score and an alternate score that shows what I could have achieved if I pushed just a little bit harder. the “potential” score would show me at what point in my workout my heart rate fell, so next time I can cut out those breaks and I can strive for the score I should’ve achieved.

  140. I personally would like to measure my output on every exercise. How much I am lifting is taken into account then number of reps. When my mind is telling me I cannot do one or two more reps, I would like the UA Armour39 to tell me I could have. At my next workout I would then be able to go for that extra rep.

  141. I would, well lets make this easy. I would actually workout equivalent to the time I sit on the couch why because you gain some you lose some

  142. Work = Force x Distance
    Work = the sum of all exercises in a given workout expressed as a number in the format of Horsepower.
    Horsepower = 550 Footpounds per second.
    That number can be compared to a previous days or multiple days figure and graphed to measure how hard you Worked. A total for work on a given day can represent your WillPower. This could be a figure to try and beat everyday regardless of changing exercise types.

  143. If I could program any feature set for the Armor39….

    It would be to monitor when I am overexerting myself and suggest the best methods for recovery (i.e. stretches and nutrition).

    Too often, I’ve been injured because adrenaline (or stubbornness) kept me from realising that I’d pushed too hard. It’s good to work out as hard as you can, but it’s much more important to know where your breaking point really is. Less strain, more game.

  144. Hot/cold read outs visualized on a body map of specific muscle groups targeted during a particular workout period.

  145. I want to know how hard I’m pushing myself so I can adjust and push myself harder and longer the next time, I am shooting to win my first Spartan Race in 2014 and this would be a huge benefit to pushing myself to the physical demand to conquer my goal.

  146. I would add energy expended after hitting a wall. Willpower is really persisting in the face of an obstacle. Work done after hitting a wall would be a great measure of willpower.

  147. I think it would be cool to measure that final push, after wearing yourself out. MAybe track your slow decline over the course of your workout and then that final peak as you push past your tiredness/mind and go for it.


  149. I would add heart rate in the last 60 seconds of every exercise I do to see how much more effort I expended to reach my goals.

  150. I am a soldier in the army. Every day we have to work out to be physically fit no matter if it rains, snows, or hot outside we have to be in shape. Sometimes it gets hard to keep track of everything, and sometimes motivations is low because i get tired from all the work we have to do. but gears and equipment like this from under armor helps improve our track record in the gym.

  151. I would measure willpower by the effort you put in. To be more specific, the amount of sweat lost and calories burned

  152. I would take the time that it takes for me to finish a set when lifting plus the amount of weight. Using this moving on to the next set as the poundage increases I would take the time that the next set would take me to finish moving up until I reached the total number of sets and reps. Ultimately the goal would be to work harder decreasing the amount of time in between sets as I move up the weight and not slower making myself better the previous time to finish the set even though I increased my weight. So intensity would equal output duration

  153. I would like to measure my rest, nutrition, and productivity the full day before and hours leading up to a workout. I want to know what it is that makes me feel charged some days or worn out just thinking about exercise other days. Is it mental or physical? I could use that information to duplicate the high energy feeling for every workout. Then I could get the most out of it each time.

  154. I want to see if the work I put into the weight room is paying off, and if not, what needs to change. Also I may need to eat more healthy foods.

  155. Would like to add more high intensity training to my workouts and would be awesome to track all my progress to push myself to the limit

  156. losing 55 lbs in 6 months isn’t good enough, i need to push harder every workout tell i reach my goal.

  157. the ability to command your body and will to put out just a little more at the end of every sprint or workout

  158. Id add DRIVE to my algorithm. What im really fighting for ya know? To see whether im putting in the work to win that fight or if im just going through the motions.