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Your Questions Answered: Jordan Retro 11 “Gamma Blue” Release

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Finish Line Draft - Gamma Blue Jordan 11 Release Info
Every year the Air Jordan 11 seems to be the focus of the entire sneaker world during the holidays. This year, the Air Jordan 11 gets an entirely new colorway called “Gamma Blue.” We’ve received countless inquiries about the release and want to give everyone as much information about the Jordan 11 “Gamma Blue” release as we can. Here are the most common questions we’ve received in regards to our Finish Line Draft and the release of the Jordan 11 “Gamma Blue” later this month.


1.    I didn’t receive an email to sign up for the draft – will I receive my confirmation if I’m selected?

The opportunity to enter the draft is now closed. We sill have plenty of pairs for our online launch at finishline.com on December 21st at 8AM EST.


2.   Should I have received an email confirming that I am in the draft?

No, the confirmation was displayed on the screen upon entry.


3.   How will I know if I’m not chosen?

You will receive an email from us by 11:59 PM EST on December 12th indicating the status of your entry. The email will come from finishline@news.finishline.com.


4.   When will the final list come out of winners/losers?

For security reasons, we can’t publish the list. That said, you will hear from us at your indicated Winners Circle email address by December 12th at 11:59 PM EST.


5.   Can I call back if I didn’t receive an email to see if I won?

On December 12th Customer Care will have a final list of all entrees and their status.


6.   Who will the email come from if I’m notified – will it say it’s from Finish Line?

Yes. Please add finishline@news.finishline.com to your address book to ensure our emails reach your inbox, and be sure to check your junk folder.


7.   When will the Employee Draft take place – any information on that?

For the Corporate Office the information email will go out December 9th. For Field Employees and Stores, this draft closed November 24th at 11:45 PM EST.


8. Are there still pairs available if I missed the draft?

Yes, the online launch is December 21st at 8AM EST. We have plenty of pairs that are first come, first serve at www.finishline.com.


9. Will my local Finish Line store have more pairs available?

No, only draftees selected through the Finish Line draft process will have the opportunity to purchase the Jordan Retro 11 “Gamma Blue”.


10. What sizes will be available?

We will have men’s sizes 7.5-15 for this particular launch. The online launch is December 21st at 8AM EST.


Still have more questions? Hit up the Customer Care Reps – they know all the answers: 888-777-3949. Here are their hours:

Monday – Friday 8am – Midnight Eastern
Saturday 8am – 10pm Eastern
Sunday 10am – 8pm Eastern


  1. Is there a reason why not all winner’s circle members didn’t get an automatic email like last year?

  2. When I entered the draft, there wasn’t any gs sizes. I am a 6.5 in GS and 7.5 in mens. I chose 8 because that was the closest size. In the questions above it said you would have sizes 7.5-15. Why wasn’t the 7.5 an option for the draft?

  3. WHY, WHY is it that not everyone got the email, I received it last YEAR, but Not this year. by the time I found out it was to late . WHAT CAN BE DONE ABOUT THIS.

  4. I got drafted but havent got my ticket yet. when will i get the ticket email… btw i didnt receive an email about the draft either. why is that?

  5. Anyone know if you could have someone else pick them up for you? Or if you have all day to pick them up?

  6. Well I got the draft email about two months ago. I entered it just because. I’m really not into the jordans. Well today I got a email saying that I was drafted and that I can pick them up dec. 21,2013. So I guess I’ll just but them and sell them on ebay for twice the price!!! #winning!!!!

  7. I entered the draft and didn’t get a email saying that I entered, so I entered again just to make sure that I would be receiving a email or not. Since I entered twice does that disallow my chance of getting drafted?

  8. Some people have started receiving their draft tickets. Will more people be notified up until December 12th?

  9. yall so lucky receiving emails that you got drafted already, its crap this is the second time i didn’t get drafted. finish line is bull for real.

  10. I got drafted clicked the link but haven’t gotten my ticket email yet… how long does that take


  12. I got drafted as well and waiting on the ticket to be sent to email…Does anyone know when that will come through? Thanks

  13. I feel bad because I spend thousands of dollars at finishline every year and I still haven’t received an email from you all. This happens every year but I’m staying hopeful that I receive the email in two days. Please please correct this situation so I can get these shoes.

  14. It says i got drafted and will get an e-mail shortly about my ticket never got is this a system failure 1st time winning draft

  15. so there aren’t going to be gs sizes in the store and there aren’t tickets for them ? my only luck is online ? GREAAAAT

  16. I received the email saying I got drafted but i have not received my email with my ticket as of yet… How long should it take and I checked my spam

  17. I swear you people don’t read. Those who got selected will be emailed on the Dec 12th.

    “If you entered the draft, you’ll hear from us by 11:59pm EST on 12/12″

  18. I got the bred 11s last year like this and was sent an email why didn’t we get one this year I’m so hurt I really want this shoe and where I’m from it aint always safe waiting in line. is there ANYWAY you guess can put in the draft for where I stay, and does this mean my city’s will not be getting the shoes??? I’m in tears I save money from up for these

  19. why did only random people get the email? ive been a winner circle member for several yrs and didnt get the email this yr or last? you forget about alot of loyal customers that have spent thousands there and are forcing the to go else where!!

  20. I will have size 12 Gamma Blues on the 21st. If you are in the chicagoland area and want to buy them contact me at 630 392 9723

  21. i just got word that (IF) you RSVP’d yesterday and got your confirmation message, finishline said you will receive your ticket and purchase instructions on 12/12… they’re answering the same questions on their facebook page… so (IF) you RSVP’d yesterday expect the ticket tomo 12/12

  22. why did i not get an email about the draft? So, sad and i am a winners circle member and bought so many shoes..

  23. I won the draft & was waiting on my ticket that I still haven’t received…I kept the page open saying that I confirmed my RSVP & it told me to rest easy. Now when I open the page up it says sorry record not found!!! What happened?

  24. One lady at finish line customer care said we would recieve it between the 14th and 16th , another said between the 16th and 18th smh

  25. Haven’t gotten my ticket yet..it’s 12/12 11:32 EST. I keep getting the record not found message also..hopefully that ticket rolls in soon so, like that email said.. I can “rest easy”

  26. I called customer service becouse I to was scared I wasnt going to get my ticket becouse I got drafted to but it was bout 2 days I rsvp andno email but the guy said its just technical difficulties they were having that nobody was recieving there tickets but I got mine today so good luck hope this helps

  27. I got my email for my draft but I wear a size 7y & on my email it said I got drafted for size 8 but I don’t wear an 8 will I be able go in and get a different size ?

  28. Got my draft n email confirmation on 12-12 so if u didn’t get a email confirmation then ur screwedd

  29. I got drafted and received my ticket, the other day I accidently deleted my ticket before I could print off the email. will I still be able to purchase the Jordan 11 with jus my ID confirming it is me on the list of winners from the draft?

  30. So I didn’t win any of the Winner’s Circle thing, but if I go early to my local FinishLine on the 21st, will I still get a pair of 11’s?

  31. So if I dont win da draft I gtta go up there and hope to get a pair? But if I do I got a pair on reserve?

  32. I have been calling all week and keep getting the same answer…technical difficulties. But if you can confirm that I am one of the lottery winners why have I still not received my ticket for the Retro 11’s? Friday night/Saturday morning I am not even going to be able to get through on the phone lines because people will be calling trying to order the Retro 11’s.

  33. what if i didn’t do the draft thing will i still be able to buy the gamma blue 11’s on saturday december size 6.5-7 in men or kids

  34. kid sizes r 129.00 and if u didnt win a raffle u wont b able to purchase every store that carries jordans got a email to do raffle even in little kids sizes

  35. Got my drafted on 12/9 and got my confirmation on 12/12. For a size 8 that’s the size I chose I wonder how many pairs each store has?