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Not Just for the Gym: Locker #2

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Don’t confine your sportswear pieces. With some creative styling, you can integrate them into your everyday looks. Every other week, I’ve got you covered with new outfit ideas for the gym and Not Just for the Gym.


Top: Nike Miler Long Sleeve Running Shirt

Sweater: Under Armour Fleece Storm Full-Zip Hoodie

Bottom: Puma Logo Leggings

Shoe: Nike Free 3.0

Have you hopped on the patterned leggings trend yet? I just did with these Puma leggings – the print and the color are incredible. If you’re not quite ready to take the plunge on brights, just start with one piece and pair it with neutral colors. These leggings got me pretty hyped walking through the mall after the gym.


Socks: Nike Elite Basketball Crew Socks

Shoe: Converse Chuck Taylor Low

I used to wear Elite Socks exclusively for basketball, but now I wear them almost every day (they’re 3 for $30 right now, FYI!). They’re comfortable and have the perfect elasticity – plus they come in several colors for whatever mood you’re in. Chucks are classic, and I’m convinced they look cool with anything – especially when they’re a little dirty. I’m wearing them with faux leather joggers at the coffee shop.

Grocery Run

Socks: Nike Elite Basketball Crew Socks

Shoe: Nike Air Force 1 Mid

“And I can’t even go to the grocery store without some 1s that’s clean and a shirt with a team.” – Kanye West. Sorry, couldn’t help myself. Anyway, I grabbed these semi-ridiculous pants for a theme party a while back, and I sneak them into everyday-wear by pairing them with basics. White AF1s are always a good choice in my books. And, of course, I’m wearing Elite Socks underneath.

Arcade Date 

Bottom: Nike Legend 2.0 Tight Dri-Fit Pants

Shoe: Puma Sky Wedge RG Casual Shoes

I wasn’t sold on the sneaker wedge at first, but I got my first pair of Nike Sky His last spring and never looked back. My latest addition to the lineup is the Puma Sky Wedge in Black and Rose Gold, which I wore for a night at the arcade with the bf. Comfort was the key, so I rocked my Pumas with Nike leggings (I’m retiring cotton leggings from my wardrobe), a blouse and my Nike Destroyer jacket.

Like these tips? Try them out, and share your photos with us using the hashtag #FNLStyle. Or, comment below with your own ideas!

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Anna Bediones is co-founder of CAVE magazine, has written for Complex, was a Nike visual merchandiser, and is a total sneaker fanatic. Check her out on Twitter and Instagram. Big thanks to her photographers: Josh Ocampo and Spencer King


  1. Really love these articles. I totally agree with you about the chuck taylors. I feel everyone should have at least one pair of chuck taylors. They are just so classic and very economical. One thing I see about your style is that you mix and match brands. For instance you have the Nike Dri-fit pants with Puma Wedge sneakers. It’s refreshing seeing that since most people just love to match the brands together. I’m becoming just a fan of yours and your style. Keep up the blogs and much success.

  2. Love the looks except the Sneaker Wedges. All of them are pretty ugly and we need to leave that trend by the wayside where it belongs.

    Can’t wait for the rest in the series.