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Mache Custom Kicks Giveaway

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Creating custom designed kicks, or as we like to say, signature works of art, is Mache’s skill, his expertise, his passion. With shoes as his canvases, he fills the sneaker industry with color through his entrepreneurial company, Mache Custom Kicks. You couldn’t ask for a better guy to design a shoe-masterpiece. Lucky for Finish Line, we got Mache, himself, to create a custom pair of adidas Hardcourt Hi’s, and lucky for you, we’re giving them away.


Comment below with a link to an adidas apparel item, that you would hook with these custom Hardcourt Hi’s for a chance to win them.


Learn more about Mache and his customized Hardcourt Hi’s.

Tell us about the inspiration behind the design on the adidas Hardcourt Hi’s exclusive design for Finish Line?

When I started customs 10 years ago, it was all about self expression and all I did was handpaint customs, no airbrushing, and generally on all white sneakers. The hardcourt high took me back to that place, so I decided to go back to the ’90s style graffiti design against the stark white canvas. I liked how the colors popped against the contrast of the white. 

Walk us through the process of customizing these sneakers.

I know a lot of artists may do a photoshop mockup to see how to lay it on a shoe, I just take the theme and run with it. Customization is supposed to be a form of expression and what better way to express yourself than by just jumping in? There’s prep involved to get the shoe ready, and of course then there’s the artwork, then finally sealing the final product up for wear. That’s the abbreviated version!

How did you get started with designing Custom Kicks?

I was always into art and sneakers. Ten years ago, I read an article on custom sneakers and my competitive self said, “I can do that,” so down I went into my mom’s basement with some beat up sneakers and acrylic paint and went to town. In hindsight, they were pretty bad but over time I got better. That’s how I started. 

When did you realize this would become a successful business for you?

It’s a tough call, any time you leave the safety net of a nine to five to try to do anything on your own, its a risk. I just felt that the orders were piling up and it was time to devote my time and efforts on just that. I’m definitely happy I took that risk! 

What’s one collaboration you’ve done that made you realize you’ve made it big?

This past 12 months I’ve had the opportunity to work and build relationships with many notable artists and athletes. It would be hard to pick one, but the attention from the job I did with Lebron James definitely got me a lot of notoriety.

Who’s one athlete, artist, or celebrity you haven’t done a collaboration with yet that you really want to make happen?

I really consider each collaboration a blessing, over the years I’ve had a LOT of blessings. But one person I still want to work with is Jay-Z. Growing up listening to his music and also watching him turn his passion into a business that is profitable is inspirational to say the very least. I’d love to work with him and also just pick his brain about life and of course how he made it.

Official Rules.


  1. I would love to win a pair of these. I always admired Mache’s work. These look sick!!

  2. These are some of the baddest Adidas designs I have seen and I have seen many. I so would ball up in these.

  3. I want a pair, they are unique and colorful….my son would love these too!!!!

  4. Although I would ROCK these dope addidas kicks with any outfit, I got a perfect one in mind. With summer around the corner, there is a perfect relaxation combo I can pull off. I would wear these kicks, my high top yellow Addidas socks, board shorts with hint of red, short sleeve Jordan with mostly blue and to top it off with yellow hinted sunglasses. I could rock this look and have the freshest kicks in town.

  5. These sneaks would go perfectly with a simple white tee and jean skirt but the addition of Adidas just adds to the mix. The best things to add with these sneaks would be
    Regular jean skirt
    By wearing of these amazing sneaks with the previously mentioned I’d be wearing the perfect female sneaker head outfit!

  6. I’d wear the shoes with this shirt. It’s a simple shirt, but at the same time it stands out. With some black shorts and white socks. It’ll definitely make the shoes stand out more than anything.

  7. I rock these with this Tee and some jeans because the colors are so vibrant it would be hard to match it with anything else and the sneakers are definitely dope

  8. http://m.finishline.com/controller?bcSec=Men's+Clothing&bcSubSec=ADIDAS&sid=4273C857DB312BFEA5A4820A8143601E&Au=P_ProductID&A=4429&An=5001929+4294967240 . http://m.finishline.com/controller?bcSec=Men's+Clothing&bcSubSec=ADIDAS&sid=4273C857DB312BFEA5A4820A8143601E&Au=P_ProductID&A=9401&An=5001929+4294967240

    Both sneakers share the color yellow. Instead of going white everything, I chopped it up with black short with minor colors (yellow) that accent the shoe and grey tee with simple and timeless (yellow) logo. That’s my take on some sick mache customs.

  9. I would totally show off and rock these shoes with this sports bra under my black & pink FinishLine “Like a Boss” tank and shorts for the summer! Loving the colors and designs! Wishing I had enough artistic talent to create shoes like these! ~Goodluck to all~

  10. With all the colors on the kicks, black jeans and any loud colored shirt would match the outfit and be pimp!

  11. Not sure if my other comment went through, but i would rock these shoes with this sports bra with my black and pink “Like a Boss” tank from Finish Line. ~Goodluck to everyone!!~

  12. I love Adidas. I been a fan seens I was Lil back in my country. Adidas are very popular in Mexico like in this country Jordans are very popular enough said I guess who ever wins this prize will be considered more than lucky.

  13. I think this adidas tshirt would look perfect with the mache customs and a pair of bball shorts or dark board shorts. Love the colors and design. #mache is a killer artist

  14. I would wear the Mache Custom Kicks with an Adidas Original Firebird Track Jacket. Dark on top shows off my bright whites on my feet

  15. I would go ahead and wear these with anything Adidas….i don’t care if it matches or not!!! lol ESO!

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  17. This be my style. Dout anybody will get it n rock it like I would. Nice addidas matched with the shirt n hoodie I js put up. Would love to rock out take mad pictures n make sure I post them up to make sure ya b promoted first place.

  18. If i win this, i will post the pictures of me wearing this shoes with others addidas item when i visit seoul,indonesia,texas on FB, Twitter, Instagram and my personal blog.

  19. I would totally rock these shoes with the above jacket and then a retro tee with a touch of yellow in it and then a new era cap with some dark blue jeans :)

  20. Gotta love the color way this shirt and those sneaks would so fresh for the summer together they rep all the great summer colors great colors and great work by Mache75 thanks

  21. Would hook the shoes up with this shirt to keep it classic and not take away from the artistry. Been following Mache on every social media site I could because I love his work. Big ups on this one..

  22. I’d go with this teehttp://www.finishline.com/store/catalog/product.jsp?productId=prod722526
    Looks simple until you look at the details like a true Adidas Classic

  23. To keep it going along with the vision that Mache had developed, I would wear the Adidas Men’s Trefoil Old School tee.

  24. Rocking bright yellow and some white short shorts with my sneaks. Straight sneaker head !!!!!

  25. These are super dope it has blue and yellow and it goes with two colors on back of the shoes. Also because its black shorts mostly then the white shoes automatically comes out and it looks good.

  26. Since the shoes have a simpler design its important to draw attention to the design with in the design…so wearing a color of jeans that is found in the design or plain denim would attract attention..an as far as a shirt goes a simple v-neck would work.