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  1. I agree, buy sneakers because you truly like them. And its not wrong that you TRULY like a sneaker and it just so happens alot of other people enjoy it too. I dont think that makes you a hypebeast. Im 14..and i admit, i’ve had my hype momments. The retro 4 white cement that was released in 2012 got me into the game. But i didn’t even know the name of the sneaker. And now that i look back , i didnt have to. I bought it simply because i liked it. And i wore them every single day. (Theyre in a really bad condition now but thats a different story lol) im not a sneakerhead, i dont really consider myself one. I know alot, but i dont know everything about the game. And
    we shouldnt hate ALL so called “hypebeasts” . The reason why i fell in love with the game is because i’ve been learning. Not just about the names of sneakers, but about the people who wore them. The history. And thats what we should all be doing. Teaching.

  2. I personally buy shoes/ sneakers that i like. Same story with anybody i grow up wanting shoes i cant afford and now that i have work im able to get shoes i like. I like all sneakers with all brands i might have an sneaker addiction. I always likes jordan since his one of my role model when i grew up. For me its wrong to buy sneakers that is not your size because you are stealing one persons dream of having the chance to get the shoes that they want..i have tons of shoes but i dont see myself slowing down if i see shoes that i like.