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Retro Jordan’s: New Colors or OG?

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This Saturday, Jordan Brand is dropping the Retro 8s in the “Citrus” or “Phoenix Suns” colorway, sparking the age-old debate among sneakerheads…do you prefer new colors or original colors in Retro Jordans?

Think about this…some of the best, most sought after colorways are non-OGs.  If you ask sneakerheads to list their “grails”, you’ll hear all kinds of non-OG Jordans.  It’s a very interesting debate. One factor that people overlook is that new colorways tend to be produced in smaller quantities than OG Retros.  The long-term effect here is that the demand increases, causing them to be more rare as years go by.

There is no right answer here, but true purists of the “sneaker game” will always fight hard that only OG Jordans are relevant – “If Mike didn’t wear them on court, then neither am I.”  If you polled Retro Jordan fans, I bet the majority of people would lean towards the OG without hesitation.

Jordan Brand has done a great job bringing innovation and creativity to classic silhouettes.  You don’t have to go back very far to find really fresh examples.  The Retro 4 “Cavs” and Retro 12 “Cool Grey” from last year and the Retro 13 “Altitude” from a few years back are great illustrations.

But as I think about these fresh, new colorways, it always brings me back to the iconic colors that MJ wore on court.  We couldn’t have a Citrus Jordan 8 this Saturday if we didn’t have Bugs Bunny first.  It’s conversations like this one that make sneakers fun, but don’t sleep on these 8s just because they’re not an OG look.  Who knows, it may be listed on someone’s list as a “grail” in the years to come.

Comment below if you’re going to cop the Retro 8’s on Saturday or hold out for the next OG Retro?


  1. Growing up in the mid 90s OG colorways were a must but since the ones that sat on shelves got lost their value increased. I love both equally

  2. I’m going to always check for OG colorways due to the nostalgia of growing up in that era and the fact that my parents couldn’t afford to buy Jordan due to how I wore out shoes so quickly. Having 2 brothers didn’t help either.

    But I dig some of the new takes on an old soul with these new colorways. For instance, I think the “Toro Bravo” 4s are one of, if not, the best colorway ever used on the 4 model. Its good to (sometimes) see the creativity (or lack thereof) of the new generation’s take on the most iconic sneaker line ever known to man.

    I think the preference comes in depending on age group really. The older generation will be more for OGs and the younger generation is more open to the newer colorways.

    But either way, its all love. Its good to be different.

  3. The OGs are great in certain retros but the new color ways tend to be more creative and S noted in fewer quanties driving the hype and desire. Also, they meet today’s sneKsrhed style as a collectible or fashion statement for us who wear there kicks.

  4. I was never really one to like Jordans for what Mike did in them on the hardwood. I was more into the shoes for their style and swagger. There are a few new colorways that I like, but it just so happens that the most solid colorways, in my opinion, are original makeups, probably because the simplest colorways of each silhouette came out first.

  5. Its a toss up .. ive got to say as a owner of the og 10s seattle, sacramento, chicago, new yorks
    The ogs had their own unique flavor but at the same time so does the more recent ones… toss up

  6. Purchased the Jordan 8 “Phoenix Suns” online this weekend. I like them. I love OGs but switching the color scheme is not all that bad. I just hope that the Aqua 8’s rerelease and they use the Real OG Design. I’m talking about the gray on the heel.

  7. Great article I must say. If they only dropped “OG” color ways the only ones we would see would be black/red shoes, which still remain a majority of what they drop. If JB never tried to drop new color ways we would never have all these non black/red shoes that we love like Grape Vs, which are clearly coveted, or any other shoe like them.