Can’t Beat a Classic: adidas Superstar, Converse Chuck Taylor, PF Flyer Center Hi

Chuck Taylor was the first to do it, PF Flyers followed, and adidas became the superstar. There are a few sneakers that have transcended time periods to become truly timeless, a title not to be taken lightly. The craze for vintage sneakers has been in full swing for quite some time now and the trend doesn’t seem to be leaving us anytime soon. Nothing beat’s a classic and the following shoes represent their titles well.

The Adidas Superstar was released over 40 years ago. Making their start as the first low top basketball shoe preferred by NBA greats, Hip Hop superstars, and the like, now this timeless silhouette has settled in as a mainstay in casual wear for all. Converse’s Chuck Taylor began as a basketball favorite as well. Before Michael Jordan changed what it meant to be an endorsed athlete, leading the way was Chuck Taylor, the first basketball player to endorse a sneaker in 1923. Now, we know the revolutionary shoe as the first basketball shoe turned casual phenomenon.

Sometimes known as the infamous pair of shoes from “The Sandlot,” the PF Flyer Center Hi’s roots began in basketball as well. Since 1950, the shoe has provided a style and following only comparable to its counterparts above. Nevertheless, this shoe is as iconic as the rest.

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