What’s in your bag? Hana Nelson, Freshman at Howard University

First and foremost I do not go anywhere without my iPhone, I have to stay connected with the world. Chances are if you see me around campus I’m usually listening to music on my phone while texting.   Because my iPhone is so important to me, I never leave home without my MyCharge system.  I always like to know that I won’t be out of touch and with this in my bag I can be confident that I will always stay connected.

Along with my iPhone I have a head band, hair ties, sunscreen and my Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor in my bag.  I like to squeeze a workout in between classes and with my heart rate monitor I can keep track of progress.

Car keys and wallet are another must. I tend to forget my sunglasses a lot, but today I have them, and makeup kit gets tossed in here regularly. Lastly, I always keep a snack and my water bottle.  Staying fueled and hydrated helps me function throughout the day.

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