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Bright Colored Shoes: Here to Stay?

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When trends strike, it’s more than likely that shoes are either leading the charge or following suit. Either way, footwear, more so than ever, is a staple in trends and fashion, often reflecting popular non-fashion-related fads. It may not be everyone’s cup of Plutonium, but bright-colored shoes are in for the time being. Check out these seemingly Life In Color (formerly known as DayGlow) inspired shoes.

With most of the color ways sporting a bright base, accented with neon colors, don’t expect onlookers to turn a blind eye while you go through your workout routine in theΒ ASICS GEL Noosa.

Nike has used theΒ Lunarβ„’ line to showcase moonlight-like glowing color in models like theΒ LunarGlide+ 4, which features a near-complete neon green upper that’s sure to get you noticed even during the midnight jog.

Neon is in, and Saucony has acknowledged that with theirΒ ProgridΒ Ride 5Β model. With each color way incorporating a neon color in some form, they’re sure to be a hit as long as this trend is in effect.